Android 12 V Android 13

In this artcile, we present details about Android 12’s new features and updates. The most notable announcement of the year is the substantial redesign that has been introduced in Android 12. The new design, dubbed Material You incorporates a variety of components to create a consistent style of design that has common across the whole OS. Let’s examine each feature in turn. The Android 13 preview will be coming soon, around Developer Preview 1 – February 2022.

Android 12 has new features, and an updates

Color extraction

This extraction process is used as the basis coat of paint , which can be used later to make the most recent design. It is because the OS is naturally absorbed by the colors of your wallpaper, and then uses the colors to create new patterns that are suitable for the OS. It’s obvious the way it appears in the picture that follows. How it works is that when you design your background, Android 12 extracts the colors, and the OS will detect subtle colors.

Widget emphasis

Android 12 places a greater emphasis on widgets than the older versions on Android. The widget selector has been completely updated to make it simpler to scroll and to make it easier to view. Furthermore, widgets are equipped with a variety of new APIs that improve efficiency, work into Material You theming, and even brand new widgets are accessible in Android 12 natively.

Quick Settings tiles

Quick Settings received a major overhaul. Quick Settings received a rather thorough overhaul as well. The toggles which were smaller have been removed and replaced by larger rectangular buttons which are round. The tiles function in exactly the same way as old toggles. You tap them to switch off and back on. The tiles have also been upgraded to allow access to the camera and microphone (more about coming soon), Google Pay, notifications, and Smart Home devices.


The Settings menu did not just include changes however, it also had some minor tweaks. The new look is heavily influenced by Samsung’s One UI with large headers that take up lots of space. It makes the top settings on each page be more accessible to use on smartphones with larger screens. The new layout is dubbed Silky Home, required ADB to be installed for the first design previews, but is now available on Android 12.

Android 12 Notifications and other changes

Android 12 has a number of minor adjustments. It has animations that can improve user experience, as well as an updated display that is always moving and adjusts according to the volume of notifications or notifications that have been updated along with other features that help make the OS appearance much more dynamic, fluid, and adaptable. These enhancements can be found throughout the OS in various ways. The OS is also equipped with new animations for charging that plays when connecting your phone . It’s extremely appealing.

Scrolling screenshots

Scrolling images were in use prior to Android 12. But the addition of this function is extremely welcome. This feature was introduced in the third beta version and was available for a time. It’s easy to add. Simply take a picture as you usually do, then select choose the Capture More option to create the full-screen scrolling image. You can cut it down if you prefer to. The editing screen capture area was enhanced by adding new features such as text, as well as other options.

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What is Android 13?

Android 13. It is the thirteenth most recent version for the Android operating system. It’s the successor of Android 12. Android 13 will have the codename Tiramisu. These codenames used by Android versions are like the names of various sweets. The same is true for the Android 13, which has the codename Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert. Additionally, information from XDA indicate the possibility that Android 13 might allow a additional profile to use PFC Payments. This could help protect your information about payments from anyone.

Android 13 Update Tracker

26/08/2021 Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone will feature ultra-wideband (UWB) support since Google is said to be trying to improve UWB support to Android 13.

27/07/2021Google is believed to have decided on the dessert’s name for Android 13 and it will be internally referred to as Tiramisu

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