Now Do More With An Advanced Surveillance System

The advancement in the IT industry, especially in surveillance systems, has been a blessing. Surveillance systems installed at our homes, streets, and different places offer us a sense of security. It is considered a digital copy that protects us from burglary and unwanted visitors at our residence when not at home.

When looking for a CCTV installation service in California, ensure that the IT service provider is reputable and trustworthy. When it comes to surveillance services, please don’t take any chances because CCTV is your security.

Thanks to the advanced and secured security offered by IT professionals like Terapixels Systems, you can have access to multiple cameras with one click and do more with advanced surveillance systems. Some of the key features you get with surveillance systems are:

Live check:

You got a 24/7 security system that will offer you peace of mind, and that will help you keep a check of your premises at a low cost. With advanced CCTV cameras, your dependency on physical security decreases, and with a live preview, you are a button away to call 911 if you suspect some suspicious activity.

Access to recording for anywhere:

What better than having access to and complete view of your whole building by sitting in one room that you can easily access on a large screen. The best part is that you don’t have to get large servers installed at your premises to store the recording. With advanced solutions from Terapixels Systems, you have access to cloud-based surveillance that help you save time and installation cost.

Surveillance on your palm/smartphone:

With remote access to the CCTV cameras installed at the premises, you can have a complete view from different cameras at your palm from anywhere around the world. It is a quick and responsive access control system with all the essential information at your fingertips.

Track and analyze the activities with advanced data-driven systems:

The Parking management and visitors’ identification have become more accessible and more efficient with the new and advanced license place tracker system that you can use for large parking spacing. With this tracker system, you can have access to details in real-time and multiple shots of the vehicle from various angles.


The rise of technology has made our lives more secure. Terapixels Systems offers integrated and complete view parking cameras in Irvine San Bernardino with their LPR system. They have helped improve parking management and visitor identification with robust recognition recording systems.


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