Properties of Lychee and Pitaya fruits

The lychee fruit is of the Tree Fruit, Tropical group, while the Pitaya fruit belongs to the Berry, Melon, Tree Fruit, Fruit Vegetable, Citrus, and Tropical category. Lychee fruit is found in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The Pitaya, also known as Dragon fruit, is native to Central America and Mexico.

Similarities Between The Pitaya And Lychee Fruits


The Lychee comes in shades of red and pinkish red. The dragon fruit can have a reddish-purple or pink color.

The inside color of fruits is greyish white and white, respectively.


Both fruits possess an oval shape.


Lychee is crunchy, delicious, and juicy, while the Pitaya lacks taste and flavor.


Lychee and Pitaya grow on trees.


Both fruits are fleshy.


The lychee fruit is available during spring and summer, while the season for the Pitaya fruit is early fall and summer.

Fruit Variety

The lychee fruit is classified into Brewster, Haak Yip, Emperor fruit, Mauritius, Sweet Heart, and Bengal. The Dragon fruit is grouped into Selenicereus megalin thus and Hylocereus polyrhizus.

Type Of Climate

Lychee thrives in a climate where there is no strong wind, it is cold and dry, and there are no frosts. Pitaya gives no climate conditions to grow.

Health Benefits Of Lychee And Pitaya Fruits Tea

A delicate blend of Lychee Pitaya tea is refreshing and sweet and packs numerous benefits from the fruits.

The mix is made from fruit, petals, flower, and other extracts. These fruits are used in traditional Chinese medicine and promote good health immensely.

Strengthens The Immune System

The fruits have lots of vitamin C and antioxidants that help boost the immune system. It supports the production of white blood cells and protects against cold and flu.

 Enhances Heart Health

Levels of potassium are very high. Therefore, this tea aids in lowering high blood pressure protects against heart attacks, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

 Aids Weight Loss

If you are concerned about being overweight, you can buy the Lychee and Pitaya fresh fruit tea to control your weight available in New York, USA.

Eases Digestive Problems

Digestive problems can be very uncomfortable. Hence, Lychee and Pitaya tea help with bowel movement due to their high fiber content.

 Boosts Iron Levels

The combination of these fresh fruit song tea helps to improve iron levels. Iron is an energy giver and aids oxygen movement through the body. This tea’s high Vitamin C content allows your body to utilize iron better.

 Cell Protection

Natural antioxidant substances like phenolic acid, flavonoids, and betacyanin help protect the cells from free radicals, molecules that cause diseases such as premature aging and cancer.


The Lychee and Pitaya tea has very high nutritional content like polyphenolic compounds, flavonoids, beta carotene, vitamin C.


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