Questions You May Ask Your Business Attorney When Looking for Business Consulting Advice

You want to choose a seasoned expert corporate lawyer in Maryland who has spent years studying and practicing law when you employ a lawyer. Because their time is valuable, you should make your encounters with them as practical as possible by preparing thoughtful questions ahead of time.

When seeking business consulting advice, you may want to ask your business attorney the following questions:

How long have you been a lawyer?

At the very least, you’ll want to know about the lawyer’s experience as a business attorney in Easton MD, and if they are a seasoned or inexperienced attorney. Your legal problem could very well be handled by a recent law school graduate (or not). It’s all up to you.

Do they have prior experience in your field?

Specific difficulties, like service contracts, franchise agreements, and intellectual property, necessitate specialized knowledge and expertise. As a result, the attorneys you’re interviewing must know about your company’s business and have experience working with similar clientele. To be sure, inquire if you may chat with some of their prior clientele.

It would be best to consider hiring a company lawyer as a long-term business partner. They will access your sensitive information and be deeply involved in many business operations.

Do they specialize in your industry?

Digital agencies, for example, may require someone knowledgeable in internet marketing laws, while a company planning to incorporate may want someone with experience in that field, and so on.

What is the fee structure for your services?

Please find out how the attorney bills their clients to avoid unpleasant surprises when the first bill arrives. Some companies will not cost you for increments of less than an hour, while others will operate with 10-minute increments. Don’t forget to inquire about any paralegal or research costs they may charge.

How many similar clients have you represented?

You are welcome to inquire about the attorney’s track record, such as the number of cases won or resolved or cases similar to yours.

What happens if the contract isn’t renewed or violated?

This is for your own safety’s sake. It’s critical to understand what you’re signing up for. Find out if the contract includes any costs and how far in advance you must provide notice. If you think they’re unjust, talk to them about it.

Is your company currently in compliance with the law?

You might not realize it, but you’re already following local, municipal, state, and federal laws. To operate legally, you may be required to pay or apply for fees, permissions, and licenses. If you don’t do these steps, you could face the consequences such as fines, penalties, legal responsibility, and even closure of a business.

You can show that you’re currently working within the legal bounds by consulting with an experienced corporate lawyer in Maryland. If not, your lawyer will be able to bring out areas that need to be addressed. Furthermore, laws and regulations are altered or updated frequently; as a result, you will need a lawyer to keep you informed of any alterations.

What type of company structure should you choose?

If you are starting a new business, the first step in creating a business is deciding on its form or structure. A business lawyer is the best individual to assist you in making that selection.

Your lawyer will take a holistic perspective of your company and future ambitions and will be able to advise you on how to position yourself. This will impact how the company is owned, taxed, and managed.

How can they keep your risk to a minimum?

Your business attorney in Easton, MD, can examine your circumstances and identify the areas where you are most in danger. Then, they can give recommendations for how to best address or avoid challenges after a complete analysis of the company. Following are the ways to do so:

  • Developing the optimal organization
  • Getting the right insurance
  • Getting all of the appropriate permits & licenses
  • Using the best hiring procedures
  • Using detailed contracts
  • Following all applicable local, state, and federal laws

Almost certainly, there are employment laws on the books that you are unaware of. However, in a court of law, ignorance will not rescue you. You can assure compliance with safety rules, anti-discrimination laws, and employment and termination laws by asking questions like these.


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