Buzzards can be described as Mother Nature’s

Buzzards can be described

as Mother Nature’s cleaner and there’s a reason for that They can eat food that could kill a lot of people.Buzzards aren’t going to be a winner of beauty awards, and their frequent circular flight patterns over the sky seem to signify death. It’s no wonder that the bird is given the worst rap?

“It’s an animal that’s likely to be misunderstood, but it is a highly important function,” believes Dr. Ian Tizard, a professor of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University who also is the director of the Schubot Exotic Bird Center.If there was a bird that faced a problem with its image He says, it’s the buzzard.

For starters it is the correct term

vulture, as stated by Tizard. Buzzard has evolved into an slang word for the bird. There are two varieties which are both common in the majority the region of North America. The turkey vulture is one The other one is the black vulture.

It is little larger and has red heads and, when it fly with its wing tips elevated, giving it the appearance of a V. The black vulture is an black head, and some white streaks on its wings.

“Black Vultures were quite scarce in Texas however, now they’re all over the place,” Tizard notes. “They are more bold birds, and they’ll even take turkey vultures off the table whenever they’d like and frequently do.”

They are both known as the roadkill masters

. Their diet is made up of dead animals in recent times or days ago. It’s the scavenging characteristic which makes them essential, Tizard says.They cleanse the landscape in a natural manner and, in doing so they provide a worthwhile services,” he adds. Tropical Birds

Tizard claims that the digestive system of the vulture has transformed into a natural wonder it’s. The bird is able to eat nearly everything. “Handling wounded or sick Vultures is a bit of a challenge because their defense mechanism is to re-feed the food they consume,” he explains.

“By eating the food they’ve had for many thousands of years they are able to digest almost everything inside their stomachs. They’re no longer prone to the toxins of botulism that can be fatal to humans.”

Tizard says that many ranchers do not appreciate

vultures due to a misperception. Many times, they’ll witness a vulture eating carcass of a small or calf goat “and they believe that the vulture killed it, but this isn’t the case at all.”

Vultures are usually shot by ranchers or hunters who view the birds’ slow flight with their 5 foot wingspan as an easy target to practice. However, in the majority of states, birds are protected. In Texas the bird could be punished up to $500 per bird killed.

Despite their non-peacock-like appearance Vultures are intelligent animals whose sense of smell and sight are among the best of all animals, Tizard says. Don’t forget that the California Condor, considered one of the most magnificent birds, is a type of vulture.

A vulture’s head is generally without feathers

, and is usually bald. to block its path when eating and its sharp beak is ideal for tearing off the flesh, Tizard notes.Why do they appear to be flying in circles above the sky?It’s their method of seeing the sights as well as looking for their next food,” he adds.

“One can spot thermals, warm air currents which rise up from the ground and takes them up to higher altitudes without any effort. They can glide through the air and look around for what’s below , on the ground. And when one vulture spots another one riding a thermal other vultures will join in as well.

“But they’re constantly watching each one another,” he continues. “Black Vultures love to observe the turkey vultures they are looking at. If they spot one of them heading out to eat they’ll be able to follow and usually will take it as their own. Turkey vultures have an excellent nose, however black vultures have a sharper sense of smell.”

In addition to sharing meals, birds always nest together in the evening, Tizard says. When daylight arrives the scavenging process begins the process over.These intelligent birds are equipped to keep the surrounding free of contaminants and prevent the spread of diseases.

A world without Vultures

A world without vultures could be a stinky place rife with decaying carcasses and diseases Let’s make a case for these undiscovered environmental heroes!

 There exist 23 different species of “vultures” sixteen Old World vultures found in Africa, Asia, and Europe and seven New World vultures (including the two condors) located within the Americas. (A list of species of vultures is listed below.)

The Vulture Fact. 

Vultures of the Old World Vultures and New World vultures are actually not related in any way. In fact, each group performs extremely specialized tasks that they share similar biological characteristics Old World vultures aren’t equipped with a strong sense of smell. They rely on their eyesight to identify food items – an eagle vulture is able to see a carcass of a 3 foot animal at a distance of 4 miles.

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