Facts about the Crane bird with Pictures

Symbolization of Crane

Cranes are not only eternal youth and happiness but also symbolize loyalty and a successful marriage. The crane also represents longevity. Ironicly, many crane species are in danger. The number of North American Whooping cranes fell from 1400 in 1860 to only 15, in 1941, putting them at risk of extinction. The Blue crane population began to decline in 1980 and is now considered a vulnerable species.

To save crane species, conservation efforts have been made. The number of birds is steadily increasing through habitat protection, captive breeding, and reintroduction. In 2011, the number of Whooping cranes grew to 600.

Did you know

The Crane is the tallest flying bird in the world. They can reach heights of up to 11.8 meters. They can grow to lengths of 35-69 inches and weigh between 6-12 pounds and 12 pounds respectively. The Demoiselle Crane, which is the smallest of all crane species is taller than the Sarus Crane. The Red-crowned Cranes have been known to be the largest species.

They are well-known for their long necks and legs. These birds have long, rounded wings and fly with their necks extended unlike other birds. There are many colors to choose from in crane species: red, white, black, brown, and blue.

 All species however have straight beaks. Because there isn’t much to differentiate male cranes and female cranes, it is often difficult to tell the difference. The average male crane is usually slightly larger than the average female.

Where are Cranes found

These birds are found on every continent, except Antarctica and South America. As they need water and open space, most cranes live in wetlands, marshes and swamps. Their nests are usually built on shallow wetlands. The Anthropoides crane genus also has species that nest in open grasslands or deserts. The two crowned crane species nest in trees. birds facts

The nest is often made from dried plant material such as grass, seeds, and sedges. Later, the greener leaves and grass, as well as twigs, etc. are added to the nest. The material is collected by both male and female cranes, but the nest is built only by the female cranes. Nests can measure between 3-4 inches high and 30-40 inches wide.


While some crane species are known to remain in one area for life, others, such as the Whooping or Siberian cranes, have been known to travel over 10,000 miles during winter.

What does a Crane eat

These birds are called omnivores. This means that they eat both plants and animals. They are attracted to small fish, insects and amphibians because they live close to water. They also eat plants, grains and seeds, barks of trees, leaves, and other plant matter.

What does Cranes communicate with each other

Cranes are able to communicate with skin, feathers and muscles. Many crane species have exposed skin on their faces that can be used to communicate. Cranes can communicate by intensifying their skin color, contracting their muscles, and moving their feathers on the head.


They look for partners between 3 and 5. Monogamous birds are found. They have a complex mating dance that involves jumping, stretching, bowing and other leg movements. The bond formed during mating can last a lifetime. These birds can break the bond or find a new partner.

Each crane species has a different breeding season, but it is usually a warmer time of year. To lay eggs, female cranes build nests. They usually lay two eggs at once. It takes around 30 days for the eggs to hatch. The chicks hatch after 30 days. Mother cranes care for the chicks and protect their environment from predators. The chicks can leave the nest once they are strong enough.

Additional Interesting Facts

Cranes like to rest in shallow water at night because any splash in the water could alert them of danger.Many cultures have adopted their dance style.ranes from Europe and Asia can fly to heights of 32,800 feet. This is a height that no other bird can reach.

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