Hemp Seed Varieties

In the cannabis industry, hemp seed has a vast economic and environmental advantage. Oil is extracted by removing the seed’s outer shell, or the seed is grounded in protein powder or flower. 

The seeds are nutritious and edible; they contain 30% oil and are good protein, magnesium, and fiber sources. Asides from the nutritional benefits, most people also buy feminized hemp seeds to grow cannabis plants. 

There are numerous hemp seed varieties; they can be in-ground, shelled, or split form. They can be obtained from online stores like the Davies farm hemp seeds, which sell different types of hemp seeds.

The various types of hemp seeds are discussed below:


The shell of this type of hemp seed has been removed. The hemp seeds are pounded before being submerged in water, where the hemp hearts sink to the bottom, and the shells float to the surface to complete the un-hulling process. These seeds are hemp nuts, hearts, or shelled hemp seeds. 

Hemp seeds have previously been shown to offer some amazing health benefits. Additionally, raw, hulled hemp seeds might increase good cholesterol while reducing triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Some of the nutritious qualities of the whole seeds are impacted when the hull is removed. 

The hearts are prepared for food by draining and drying them after the shells have been scraped off. The hull of hemp seeds is a great store of nutrients and a unique source of insoluble fiber. They also lower carbohydrate levels while increasing protein and essential fatty acid levels.


The shell has not been removed, leaving the nutritional qualities intact. They can be regarded as un-hulled hemp seeds. The seeds are unhulled, which prevents the grains from absorbing moisture and makes them more air-tight than hulled seeds. 


They are good for keto and paleo diets. They have a crunchy texture and a nutty taste. They are part of the hulled hemp seed, providing 6 grams of protein per ounce of raw, organic hemp seeds. Additionally, they have a beneficial 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids, and when grown organically, they are vegan.


These are made by frying with salt and olive oil to be eaten like popcorn. They have nutritional benefits and help curb cravings. They are used in different recipes as toast on avocados or salad toppings.


Hemps seeds are nutritious and edible. Generally, they are used to make other food preparations. 

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