How To Grow Your Business: The Ultimate Guide

How to develop your sewing business, the sale of food products or even the provision of services? Many entrepreneurs are asking themselves this question. However, there are many tips on how to grow your business!

Discover the three tips to know how to boost your activity as well as a focus on internet sales: we reveal everything to you to know how to develop your activity!

Regularly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business

In order not to miss an area of ​​development or improvement, it is important to regularly take a step back from your activity and the operation of your business.

In order to make this small assessment you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • How my offer is positioned (price, quality, innovation)?
  • How is my market changing? Who are the new competitors?
  • How are employees and collaborators evolving? Are they satisfied?
  • What principles and values ​​does my company emanate? What are my most recurring customer reviews?
  • What is my financial situation? Growth or decline?


All these questions will allow you to verify that you are still “up to date” and that your business is still competitive. They will also allow you to get closer to your employees and collaborators!

Always make your customer a priority

A company loses on average 10% of its customers each year! The client/company relationship is generally the most complicated aspect to develop.

Customer loyalty is one of the keys to the success of your traditional business plan. Satisfying your customers allows you to develop your customer portfolio and thus grow your business.

How to do? You have several options to retain your customers:

  • Perform regular customer follow-up;
  • Never leave a customer unanswered;
  • Send newsletters regularly;
  • Have a good after-sales service!

Developing an SME or a larger company represents the same process vis-à-vis customers: the means are numerous!

Adopt innovative methods

Innovation is not just about technological progress! Obviously, innovation involves launching an innovative idea such as revisiting existing concepts by changing the mode of consumption (opening a permanent garage sale for example) or even meeting the new needs of society. However, to grow your business, you need to stay innovative in all aspects of your business management.

How to do? Be innovative in the way you manage your teams, in the way you address your customers, in presenting your products, in your communication strategy. Train your teams so that they can implement innovative canvassing techniques and a good commercial prospecting plan , seeker new service providers or partners to complement you in sectors where you are still a novice, can also be good options.

The more you stand out from classic business models, the more people will talk about you. The more people talk about you, the more new customers will arrive and your business will grow!

Focus: how to develop your business on the internet?

The Internet has become an essential lever for any type of business. Today, everyone is present or consumes on the internet. Social networks, websites, platforms, there are many ways to be present online.

How to proceed? To be present on the internet, you have different options:

  • Create your own website: depending on your sector of activity, a communication or sales interface may be essential. Your website is an additional support to tell the story of your company and your state of mind.
  • Sell ​​your products on online platforms: this option can be ideal if you want to test a product before creating your own website. Selling on platforms like Ebay or Amazon saves you fixed costs.
  • Do click and collect: if you have a physical store but also want to be present online, click and collect is a great option. Click and collect allows your customers to directly order what is available in your store. This order method improves the quality of your service because your customers do not have to wait for a delivery time and can pick up their order directly. 
  • Good to know: creating your website requires compliance with various administrative and legal rules. Drafting of legal notices, CGV or cookie regulations, keep yourself informed of your obligations before you start. 

Now you know how to grow your business and grow your business! 


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