Owls that burrow take over towns of prairie dogs and hunt using Poop

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Getty ImagesIt is a long-legged burrowing Owl is found throughout South as well as North America. It is one of the few species who is active in the day, it lays its eggs on the ground, and then moves into the tunnels created by other animals, such as prairie dogs. They also build their own homes , if needed. Then, they’ll cover the burrows’ entrances in dung, and “sit at the entrance

of the burrow throughout the day and look like they’re inactive,” University of Florida Zoologist Douglas Levey told National Geographic. However, they’re not idle They’re fishing. Poop is a source of food for dung beetles. It’s one among the birds’ most favorite species of prey. “Everybody who is interested in

studying burrowing owls understands that they carry dung back to their burrows and they also know that burrowing owls devour lots of beetles that eat dung. There was no way to thought of putting 2 and 2.” Levey, co-author of a study in 2004 that revealed the behavior, told.

 Owls can be used as a natural pest control for farmers

Owls are known to eat lots of rodents. One barn owl family will consume 3000 rodents over four months of breeding. One owl is capable of eating fifty pounds of gophers an entire year. A lot of farmers are installing nesting boxes for owls with the hope that owls can remove pests such as voles and gophers

from their fields. This natural method of pest control is less harmful and more affordable than poison, and it’s safer for the owls as well. Owls are often killed each year due to eating rodents that were poisoned. How Long Do Birds Live

 Owls used to be a sign of victory in the battle

In the ancient times of Greece The Little Owl was the ally of Athena The Greek goddess of wisdom. This is one of the reasons that owls are a symbol of the pursuit of knowledge and learning. However, Athena is also known as a warrior goddess , and the owl was believed to be as the armies’ protector going into battle. If Greek soldiers were able to see an owl flying by during battle, they interpreted this as the sign for the coming victory.

 Owls also represented death

From the beginning the owl has been associated to evil, death, and even superstition. A lot of cultures believed that owls were an coinjoin.io indicator of imminent death. As an example the owl was believed to predict the demise of Julius Caesar. They’re also linked to witches, as well as other supposedly evil creatures. 

While this may seem like fun at Halloween however, there are many cultures that have a belief system about owls, and, in certain places they are killed by owls according to these beliefs.

Owls and humans usually are in harmony

Owls have been in fashion since the beginning of time. They are featured in Egyptian hieroglyphs, as well as in 30,000 years-old cave paintings from France. Falconers have been using owls for centuries, even before in the Middle Ages, although not so often as other species of birds.

 We still admiring the owl. Although the fact that it’s not legal to keep animals for pets within the United States, they’re intelligent and social. (Most times however, owls also be aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened.

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