Premade Book Cover Design When Promoting Your Book

Yes, once the editing and writing is completed (really it begins months prior to the editing and writing is completed) the next step is to get started marketing and promoting your book. One thing I’d like to discuss is the goal of hitting the bestseller lists. This is something a number of authors get excited about when they write the book.

The concept is: If you’re able to make enough sales of your book in a single week (typically the week of launch is the best option) and the book could be considered for bestseller lists. The number of copies you have to market is a variable and uncertain number and will depend on many variables, such as which books will be released in the same time frame. The majority of medical books are difficult to sell today due to the abundance of information available on the Internet on reputable websites. In general , it is believed that at minimum 2,000 to 3,000 copies sold in a week is necessary. As we’ve seen the fact that the standard nonfiction book won’t sell more than 3,000 copies in its life, you’ll need to calculate the likelihood of your book making the bestseller list. In other words, if there aren’t 100,000 people in your email list then you’re not in the right place.

That’s where I fell short. When I began to plan out my marketing strategies for TLARS the moment I started to work on it about a year ago. I realized in the early stages of the process that the book would not make the bestseller list. In addition, I don’t have the platform to generate the necessary sales over a long period of time. What I was thinking I’d do was make as many pre-orders possible during the year prior to the book’s release. Based upon my research, discovered that Amazon will consider all pre-orders they receive as ‘new sales’ in the weeks leading up to the launch (or the day they officially begin selling the book). What I began doing last year was to speak and doing work in exchange for pre-orders! For instance, I could reduce my speaking fee this event in exchange for them to pre-order 100 copies of The TLARS.

My idea was let’s say that I sell 500 pre-orders of TLARS and then when the book goes on sale on April 1, those pre-orders would count as “new” sales of the book, pushing TLARS up the sales list. It is revealed that I was incorrect about the way Amazon determines the value of sales. The research I conducted on this appeared to be ambiguous regarding a couple of things that one of them was the way Amazon manages bulk sales. After many months of accepting pre-orders, in lieu of $$$, I discovered that Amazon considers bulk orders to be one purchase. If, for instance, you order hundred copies of the novel, Amazon will view it as if you pre-ordered one copy, as the purchase is made on a single credit card. If you are looking where to buy book covers or premade book covers check this link.

This basically meant that to Amazon that I sold hundreds of fewer books than I actually sold. The book’s sales rank reached 20,600 on the 1st of April. If the per-orders were to have been treated as individual sales and the book’s sales rank was based on that, the book would likely to be less than 500 when it was released. That would have resulted in numerous additional sales since they would’ve promoted significantly more on the website, on the list of the top new releases and so on. But you have to learn. The primary reason I wanted to discuss the idea of making an appearance on the list of bestsellers is because it’s extremely difficult to achieve on your first novel unless you have a large promotional network.

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