President George W Bush and children are lost, exploited and fled

We are honored to have been invited to a White House event for missing children, exploiters, and runners last October in Washington. There we met and had a brief discussion with President George Bush about his commitment to children. The first meeting of it’s kind of every president sitting, this event puts children and the lost and the children hurt, especially as the first term of the Bush administration. Laura Bush visits and introduces President, as well as lectures and panel discussions we are leading the administration of his administration, Secretary of State Colin Powell, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, and FBI Director Robert Mueller, for example. The following is a excerpt from a keynote address at the Ronald Reagan House in Washington, D.C., on October 2, 2002.

Child abduction is a tragedy for any parent

. Still, many parents and grandparents have experienced this tragedy across America. Many have suffered. I have just met Laura’s parents and I have met parents who have the most precious things in their lives when suddenly and cruelly deprived. Some thesis parents we eventually connect with their children. Some are still looking forward, thinking. Some know that they will never see their loved ones again. When a child’s life is taken away or freedom or his hands are clean, it is a great loss. And the perpetrators have committed serious crimes. Our community has a job, has a hard job, protecting children from exploitation and threats. In this conference, we discuss the steps parents and city officials and law enforcement can take to prevent such a tragedy.

 I would like to thank the Centers for Disease Control

And Prevention, as well as the National Center for Child Abuse and Exploitation, for helping to organize this important and important organization. One of the most successful programs in locating abducted children is the so-called Amber Plan. It is a voluntary partnership of local police and media outlets that provides immediate notification to the public as soon as a child is missing. The program began with a local effort in Texas; I had the pleasure of: 꽁머니, in the Dallas area in 1996 when Amber Hagerman was abducted. My friend, [Texas] Senator Florence Shapiro, helped launch the Amber program. I know it makes her happy to know that, Amber, when in a position, can really help people. Just as he helped Sharon Brooks and his 16-year-old daughter, Tamara. This summer,

 Tamara and Jacqueline were abducted

at gunpoint in Lancaster, California. Tamara told us her story. Police notified Amber within a few hours, and soon received counsel that led to their rescue. People across America felt very comfortable when we were rescued with him and his friend. Part of the reason we were there was because of Amber’s plans. Anyway, there is a hole in Amber.

There are holes in the Amber plan coverage that must be secured. We can also supplement them. We will further develop the Amber plan, as well as a better coordination between the plans. We should not let another day go by without doing something to spread the word that Amber will reach our entire country. Therefore, the Attorney General today appointed an Amber Alert coordinator to assist state and local officials in developing, promoting and coordinating Amber Alert throughout America. The Department of Justice will develop guidelines for issuing and disseminating information. The Department of Justice and Transportation will take immediate action to provide a total of $ 10 million to improve Amber Plans ’growing network. We want Amber’s status to be announced as quickly and efficiently as possible, including electronic billboards across the country.

 I support the legislation passed by Senator Hutchison

 Of Texas and Senator Feinstein of California to achieve the objectives I have just outlined, and then organize them into law. But I want to thank both of them for their hard work. The house has not done anything, so I go. That’s why I paved the way. If possible, it would be helpful if the House passed the Hutchison-Feinstein law before they left home. I am also grateful that good corporate citizens are involved in helping our children. But I want to point out Toys R Us or Wal-Mart, Depot Home, as well as Ford Motor dealers, who provide free baby photo IDs,

 So that parents can provide law enforcement

 With Focus well, head and shoulders photo. , as well as important guide information during an emergency. By the end of this year, more than 2.5 million children will have their photos taken and searched to help them recover if they are abducted. I hope many other companies follow the thesis of a good citizen. I hope you will make Old resources necessary to help us fight, fight against extinction and to help save the lives of those who h

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