The first months of the Betting Exchange in Italy

What will the betting exchange look like in Italy in the first months after its launch

We try to thoroughly analyze what the first months of the betting exchange in our country will be like with the impartiality that always distinguishes us from others.  

The betting exchange in Italy has now reached the final count down after a very long wait that involved most of the bettors, traders and professionals. 

We have said a large part and not all (deliberately), because the customers of who have used the international betting exchange platform for years are absolutely not happy with the arrival in Italy of the Betting exchange in Italy with the consequent closure of accounts. game on

These advanced users, and at the same time very demanding, who know very well the “real betting exchange”, are aware that liquidity is the essential and primary factor for the functioning and profitability of trading or strategies made within betting. exchange. 

In the first months of launch, the betting exchange in Italy will start with the “hand brake on” due to the Italian legislation which is more restrictive and binding than that of traditional betting exchange platforms.

In the first phase of launch, as in all epochal system changes, there will be a period in which it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to trade on the shares due to the lack of liquidity, given by various factors such as:

–  decree law 47 on betting exchange : the decree in fact requires every AAMS authorized dealer to have its own betting exchange platform where the Italian customers of the single operator can enter bets and bank offers. It is therefore forbidden to connect the Italian platform to that of .com and it is not possible to set up a single Italian network, where the liquidity of all AAMS-enabled Italian dealers can be brought together. In this way the liquidity will be dispersed among all the dealers, allowing a few players to have a platform with satisfactory liquidity

– low number of initial customers : as soon as the betting exchange in Italy starts there will be many customers who will open an account with betfair, but certainly the number of customers will be small to have sufficient liquidity to allow trading on the various football matches and main tournaments of tennis. To have a critical mass of customers, a large marketing campaign will be necessary in order to make all bettors understand what betting exchange is and what are its advantages over traditional betting. It will take months to achieve this goal.

– absence of software and trading platforms: in the first phase it will be possible to enter betting and bank orders only through the betfair website as the various betting exchange platformsmore important ones such as geeks toy, betting assistant, bet angel, etc will not be present at the launch. This absence is linked to the fact that until betfair releases all the official material and procedures of its api, the developers will not be able to interface between the existing platforms and the betfair servers, who will have to submit to the PSID protocol with different controls and additional requests compared to the normal betfair .com bees. Once the main betting exchange platforms are available to everyone also in Italy, then liquidity will increase considerably because it will be easier and more immediate to send orders within the market.

Even if in the first phase of the betting exchange there will be problems related to the lack of liquidity, not all evil comes to harm, as a famous saying goes. Let’s explain this concept better: the first phase with low liquidityand the impossibility of scalping professionally, it will still be a very profitable phase for all those who already know and have understood the functioning of the betting exchange in the minimum terms. 

In the betting exchange, driven by novelty and hearsay, many inexperienced and “incompetent” bettors or financial traders will enter the meaning of bank, fair value, keep in play, market suspension, etc who will want to start operating as if they were an easy “game” to play or a quick way to make money. 

These unwary will be a godsend for those who know and know how to exploit all the secrets and tricks of the betting exchange. The betting exchange will be an ATM for many traders to draw on hands down.

We advise all those who want to trade or bet on the betting exchange to learn the basic concepts with seriousness and dedication and first practice with virtual money. 

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