Types of Nano CBD Products

The satisfaction derived both in experience and health benefits from integrating nanotechnology with CBD brought about the development of products with powerful effects. It led to an exponential increase among all demographics that purchase CBD products that are now demanding CBD products infused with nanotechnology.

Nano CBDs are made when CBD molecules have increased bioavailability and bioactivity in the human body because they have been reduced to one millionth of their normal size. The nano CBD is so small to the extent that it can cross the blood-brain barrier of cells, which delivers it directly into the cell.

There are numerous products like the Nano CBD powder packets where nanotechnology is infused into CBD as part of the product’s formulation to make the benefit easily accessed by consumers as opposed to traditional CBD formulations that take a while for the CBD effect.

One of the benefits of nano CBD products is the bioavailability compared to traditional CBD products, and research shows oral bioavailability is 131% more than traditional products. Nano CBD product like the nano CBD powder made from the pure form of cannabidiol with no impurity is readily more bioavailable to consumers providing them with immediate release of pain relief or medical benefit, unlike the traditional CBD product.

Nano CBD product is classified into 3, they are:

Full-spectrum CBD: CBD products containing CBD and all the other components of the cannabis plant. They contain a trace amount of THC, which is less than 0.3 percent

Broad-spectrum CBD: They are CBD products devoid of THC but retain all other components of the cannabis plant.

CBD isolate: these are produced with the purest form of cannabidiol. All other cannabis plant component is not present in CBD isolate.

The following are different types of CBD product

Nano CBD water

This is done through a process called nano emulsification whereby nanotechnology is infused with CBD to produce synergistic, nutritional additives such as vitamin B complex, high alkaline combined with coenzyme Q10, D-Ribose to water for optimal hydration.

Nano CBD water revolutionized the water industry associated with CBD production. This form of CBD water is unique as it contains ten thousand nanograms of CBD, enriching the product’s quality and beneficial effect.

Nano CBD beverage

These products combine natural fruits and flavors with CBD water to produce the beverage. The product nearly has all the different types of carbonated beverages sold on the market, and it is not like the available energy drinks because a lot of considerations are put into producing beverages infused with CBD.

A lot of thought is put into producing a nano CBD beverage from the development to the final product because, unlike other CBD products, beverages are consumed in different places and at different times.

Therefore, the final product should not only quench the consumer’s thirst but also be enjoyed. It should also offer CBD benefits.

Nano CBD tincture

This is a broad-spectrum CBD product, which works rapidly and is more effective when compared with traditional CBD products. The oil is made from oil-producing plants like coconut oil and infused with nano-sized CBD molecules. The nano CBD tincture is clear and colorless, and the bioavailability, when placed under the tongue, is almost 100 percent, unlike 30 percent for regular CBD tincture.

Nano CBD gel

This is a full spectrum CBD product where oil extracted from the cannabis plant is infused with nano-sized CBD molecules and processed into a gel. The gel is highly effective as the nano CBD particles are readily absorbed into surfaces where it is applied.

Nano CBD gummies

They are delicious snacks of CBD products with different flavors depending on the manufacturer. Gummies CBD products are chewed slowly and placed under the tongue to dissolve slowly.

Unlike traditional CBD gummies, they are rapidly absorbed, and the effect is very quick. Gummies are easily carried around, and the flavored ones provide convenience, so consumers do not need to avoid public gatherings.

Each nano CBD gummies can contain up to 10 milligrams of nano CBD. An important aspect of gummies is dosing because consumers might consume a lot without realizing it, so a minimum of two to three gummies are recommended for adults.


Nano CBD technology makes CBD more bioavailable and better absorbed in the body. Now you can enjoy CBD benefits without your body wasting some during biological processes.

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