5 reasons why Dubai is a Shopaholics’ dream

There is no place better curated for shopaholics than Dubai. With every successful brand opening its branch in the city, Dubai has become astoundingly popular among shoppers of all kinds. Here are some of the shopping malls that provide very quaint nearby Central Park City Walk for anyone who finds himself in heaven every time they are strolling from one shop to another.

Mall of Emirates

Spread over the area of 2 million square feet, the Mall of Emirates is a go-to for shoppers on the lookout for high-end brands, as well as the ones seeking for more economical options. This mall houses over 600 retail outlets that contain outstanding products from brands like Jimmy Choo, Marks & Spencer and even Burberry. In addition to the range of products MOE offers, it also contains some of the very best cafes and restaurants. Other than that, it is where the first indoor ski resort of UAE was opened, facilitating its shoppers and the residents of its neighbourhood to enjoy the frost of winters.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Our list couldn’t possibly be completed without mentioning the iconic Ibn Batuta mall that pays homage to one the greatest explorers of all times i.e. Ibn Battuta. Famous for its travelling theme and extraordinary architecture, this mall is situated close to Discovery Gardens and Jebel Ali Village.  Based on the travels of Ibn Batuta, this mall is divided into six courts i.e. Andalusia, China, Egypt, Persia, India and Tunisia.  Apart from its amusing interiors, this mall houses plenty of outlets of different brands and cafes with mouth-watering food for hungry shoppers and the residents of its neighbourhood.

City Centre Deira

Despite new shopping malls emerging in Dubai every year, City Centre Deira has kept its shopper happy and has a loyal fan base. This mall is also accessible due to its own metro station. Although the city Center Deira is a remarkably old shopping mall, it stills includes spaces to entertain its younger visitors. Many people chose to shop from City Center and even get their residence close to the location from the mall, as is it is natural to pick among utterly picky people.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Located inside Dubai Festival city, this mall is famous for its mesmerizing display of lights. Dubai Festival Mall is understandably a favorite among locals for containing spectacular outlets of notable brands, like Zara, Mango, Gap, Polo Club, Beverly Hills, Toys R US and even IKEA. Another feature that makes this mall win the hearts of shoppers and locals from nearby residential areas is its dynamic range of amazing food spots, such as the Cheesecake Factory, which provides its visitors breathtaking oceanfront views besides serving them with absolutely delectable cheesecake.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the shopping destination for all kinds of people ranging from locals, expats and even the ones who are made to stay in Dubai due to their flight patterns or flight delays. It is unarguably one of the best and the biggest shopping malls in Dubai and the world.  Other than featuring the most renowned outlets of high-end brands, The Dubai Mall is also top of the list for many visitors due to facilities like parking that are spacious enough to home up to 14,000 cars at a time.

Despite the constant hustle-bustle of the shopping centres, the residents of neighbouring places seldom complain about the noise, however, some people get easily irked due to the intense activity near these shopping centers, this makes it extremely paramount for people to firstly look for Central Park City Walk before deciding to buy to permanently stay there.

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