Advantages of flag football over American football

It’s easy to make a team. Bart Iccarino has already said that he is very competitive with seven people. “The best example is last year’s Champions Bowl Champion, the Danish team with only six players.” However, a football team must have at least 11 players.

It is more accessible and therefore more comprehensive. Only belts and flags are mandatory, but basic football helmets cost between € 300 and € 600.

It attracts men and women who want to play football safely.

A mixed team will participate in the competition.

All skin tones are welcome. As Bart Iaccarino said, “Every physical therapist has a place and a function, and that’s the power of flag football. It doesn’t matter.”

It’s growing fast and has the potential to become an Olympic sport in the next few years, so there’s still time to be a global star!

The Champions Bowl Fortress arrives at the Sarrow Sports Complex.

The Champions Cup, the football championship with Europe’s most prestigious flag, was held for the second consecutive year in the Complex Sportier deck lounge. More than 400 players from 26 teams from nine European countries competed for the title of the continent’s best team.

Bert Iccalino, Champions Bowl coach

 Barcelona Pioneer coaches and former Imperial giant players are a top-level tournament and unique in its format, as the Champions Bowl features teams invited by the best teams in their league, among other team. I promise. In other words, the  스포츠중계 Bowl is the ultimate tournament.

And who is more unique on so many levels? “”

 Today, European power is in Denmark. Best I’ve seen in years. They are very athletic people who take care of themselves thanks to the weather and are trapped in pavilions and training gyms. Plus, they do it from scratch. “Last year, the Howell Rebels won the Danish league and European league with only six players,” Iccalino said.

But flag football still exists in Spain.

According to Bath, “Spain has a very close spirit and everything revolves around football. Some sports are very well developed due to lack of support from organizations and sponsors. It is difficult. They want to fund a team. football in the third county, not a new track or a junior team. However, the Catalan league is very strong. In the rest of Spain. There are 400 unions, but between 1,000 and 1,200. “The influence of the Dragon has a lot to do with it , “he said. We decided to return to the host city for the first time in 10 years. Emergency situations and weather. CE Foothold Aloe and Cabrioles ParkSport Village asked the club to organize another event at our home.

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