Bulldog Breeders Around The World

English bulldog. The term bulldog usually refers to the English version, although there are also French and American bulldog breeds. The English Bulldog is characterized by a short, stocky body, a hunched, wrinkled face and a pug nose, as well as a low bite. English Bulldogs are also known for physical and personality traits such as drooling, snoring (loudly), flatulence, attention-seeking behavior, and a sense of humor.

Although the dog is not for everyone, English Bulldog lovers love these dogs for life. The bulldog is a tenacious, strong-willed breed that is often used as the mascot of many colleges and the military. The bulldog is the official mascot of England, and although there are other versions of the bulldog, it is considered a traditional English symbol. The English and French bulldogs are the result of a cross between a mastiff and a pug. American Bulldogs are more like Old English Bulldogs, which were taller and faster than modern European Bulldogs.

Bulldog breeders should be able to provide potential buyers with information about bulldogs, including care, grooming and discipline. Whether he is a breeder of American, French or English bulldogs, he will know all the bulldog breeds and their special needs. Bulldogs are not for inexperienced pet owners. This breed requires special attention, training and medical care.

European versions of bulldogs often have breathing problems due to their small bodies, flat faces and pugs. These versions also require assistance during delivery, usually by caesarean section, as the pups’ heads are too wide to be born naturally. The life expectancy of the American Bulldog is almost double that of the European versions, but these larger dogs have their own behavioral, social and health issues. Bulldog buyers should contact french bulldog breeder in Texas with a list of questions. Good breeders will be able to provide comprehensive information about bulldogs. Buyers should also expect to be interviewed by bulldog breeders to ensure they can properly provide for bulldog puppies.

The most important thing buyers should know about bulldog breeders is that good breeders never sell to pet stores. Every purebred dog breeder, as well as a french bulldog breeder  San Antonio, loves the breed and treats animals as family members, not as commodities. Because of the high price that can be obtained for purebred puppies, some breeders run illegal puppy mills where purebred dogs are continuously bred to produce more litters to sell at auction. Dogs in puppy mills are abused.

They are continuously raised without attention to their health, kept in cages without exercise or play and have little human contact. Puppy auctions and puppy brokers are usually methods by which pet stores purchase puppies. Not only is this a cruel process, but it does not guarantee the health or pedigree of purebred puppies. On the contrary, pet stores, unlike good breeders, do not care who they sell bulldog puppies to. Breeders make sure that the dogs end up in suitable, loving homes. Pet stores sell to any customer with the right funds.

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