Class Action Lawsuit Against Arizona Child Protective Services

A lawsuit against Arizona DCS has revealed that the agency is systematically failing to protect the health, safety, and welfare of children in its care. In a lawsuit filed against the agency in 2015, Children’s Rights, Inc. argued that Arizona CPS has violated the fundamental rights of children in its care. They say that the agency has failed to protect children from physical harm and arizona CPS, and that it has not adequately investigated and treated tens of thousands of reports of child abuse.

Child Care Administration has released children

Despite the harsh reality that low-income families are facing, the Department of Economic is delivering good news to those who need it. The Child Care Administration has released nearly 4,400 children from Arizona CPS. Families who have made the highest priority list will soon receive child care assistance, while the remaining 2,298 will receive a notice in the mail. We have also taken in two local men after they were accused of sexually abusing a child.

The DES pays childcare providers up to a certain reimbursement rate, and families are responsible for the difference between the provider’s rate and the amount negotiated by us. Families must check with their child care provider to ensure the provider has an agreement with us, and be sure to choose a vacancy if they want to get a subsidy. Then they must apply for continuing assistance from us within 30 days of releasing their child.

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DES Child Care Administration investigates tens of thousands of reports

The state’s Division of Child Safety and Family Services is battling a backlog of more than 10,000 investigations. Those investigations are largely uninvestigated, meaning the agency has not taken action in many of these cases. We are responsible for programs such as foster care and adoption services, as well as the medical and dental program. But we also has responsibility for the division’s child care program.

Our job it is to investigate tens of thousands of reports, will use the data to inform policymakers about the cost of providing early education services. If rates are not increased, the organization will not be able to continue the reimbursement rates once the relief funds run out. Child care workers, many of whom are women and minorities, have long been priced out of the industry because of low wages.

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Child Care Administration settles lawsuit brought by Children’s Rights, Inc

An Arizona child welfare agency has settled a class-action lawsuit with a national advocacy group over poor treatment of foster children. The lawsuit was filed against us, the state’s child welfare agency. The state had agreed to improve services for foster children and limit the use of group homes, but it wasn’t until recently that the state made a decision to settle the lawsuit. In response to the lawsuit, the state’s Department of Child Safety has agreed to limit group homes and increase behavioral and physical health services. Moreover, the department will monitor the workload of front-line workers.

While the Arizona child welfare system was already in dire straits when the lawsuit was filed, it has improved greatly since then. Since the state’s last lawsuit, the system has had a backlog of over sixteen thousand cases. The average caseload has dropped to 22. And the average wait time for a child abuse hotline call has fallen from 12 minutes to 28 seconds. However, the lawsuit has not gone away, and both Arizona and Children’s Rights will continue to fight for reforms.

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