Common Apple Computer Problems And Solutions

If you love your Apple computer, problems with it might make you want to die. Is there a hardware problem or issue with your computer or laptop? What resources can you use to identify and resolve the root cause of the problem? Should you consider replacing your Apple computer with a professional?

Rest assured apple computer repairs Auckland can help. Let’s discuss the most common problems with Apple Computer or laptop/mac along with simple solutions. If you can, back up your data and use the list to find the best solution. ..............................................

On startup, the screen is completely blank.

A failed Apple computer startup may display several different colored screens, each of which represents a different meaning. So, if your computer displays a black or blue screen that won’t go away, your computer may be frozen when trying to load a problematic app or login feature.

Press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds to again turn on your computer. Then, try removing any problematic login items or apps that may not be working well. While doing this, a tool like CleanMyMac can be very helpful and useful.

If your computer won’t turn on then you should immediately contact apple laptop repair auckland. They solve your computer problem professionally.

Facetime picture quality is very poor.

This is a recent problem that has been reported primarily with Apple computers. Your face appears very densely in the FaceTime camera image, and sometimes it’s so bad that it’s not even worth using FaceTime.

So, Your Apple computer camera is working normally and can perform other camera-related tasks. Because this particular problem is most likely not hardware related. But it’s worthwhile to look into.

However, If you can make other video chat applications function properly, FaceTime has a software issue. So, You can apply any pending macOS updates at this point to see if they fix the issue.

Suddenly, the Apple computer’s audio stops.

First, make sure that a specific app is not causing the problem. Do you also receive trustworthy audio from other services like iTunes? If so, it might be necessary to update or debug the app to get the sound working again.

And If your Apple computer’s sound is completely affected, you have a serious problem. Try resetting the PRAM/NVRAM as well as SMC first to see if that resolves the issue. So, a settings issue may cause your audio not to play properly, which can be resolved by resetting these functions.

We go into more detail about fixing Mac audio here, but if these fixes don’t help, there may be a hardware problem. Did you just drop or block something on your Mac? Time to bring it to an Apple Store for a closer look.


So, after looking at our issues, it’s important to remember that, although most prevalent on Apple products, these issues can affect any PC as well. Although minor, each of these issues has the potential to completely change how day-to-day operations are conducted

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