Costs of Owning and Operating a Gas Station

Since the 1970s, canopy roofs have been a popular design for Costco Gas Station. These roofs, which were usually covered in a canopy, were used as an attractive alternative to the traditional, more drab, gas station designs. But what is the cost of owning and operating a gas station? Read on to learn more about the costs of running a gas station, regulations and costs of refueling at a gas station.

Canopy roofs became popular in the 1970s

Canopy roofs were common on gas stations by the 1920s, but they fell out of favor by the mid-1930s due to costs and their inability to accommodate tall trucks. A change in gas station design made canopies popular again in the 1970s, though, thanks to the widespread adoption of self-service pumps. At the same time, uniformed gas station attendants began to appear, working long hours in all kinds of weather. They also provided a prominent space for the emblazoning of company names. Eventually, gas stations abandoned attendants as the adoption of self-serve pumps became the norm.

Gas stations shifted their focus from selling gasoline to other services like auto repair, and canopy roofs became popular. Some gas stations, like the 1930 Hy-Red Gasoline Station in Indianapolis, also feature a house-with-canopy roof. The 1930 Hy-Red Gasoline Station, now an office, typifies the type of house-with-canopy stations. The style aims to contrast the landscape and provide a contrast to the surrounding environment. During the Great Depression, oil companies started to design their stations with minimal architectural details to meet the need for a more modern economy.

Canopy roofs became popular at gas stations in the 1970s as a cost-effective way to add an appealing canopy. Depending on the design, they can be retrofitted to match the existing canopy, supporting pier, or both. Custom steel trusswork and architectural documents can also be used for a canopy replacement. These canopies are a great way to preserve the unique character of your gas station.

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