ESPEROS Bags Donate 50% of Profits to Fund Education For a Child in Developing Countries

ESPEROS donates a portion of its profits to fund education for a child in developing countries. These bags are constructed with military-grade water and stain-resistant cotton duck canvas, making them an eco-friendly choice. As a bonus, they look great, too! The brand was founded by Oliver Shuttlesworth, who visited Central America and witnessed first-hand the impact of poverty on the lives of children. He became inspired to create a sustainable solution for children in developing countries.

ESPEROS is a men’s and women’s accessories brand

ESPEROS is a women’s and men’s accessory brand that gives back by providing a year’s worth of education for each bag sold. The company recently received new funding and improved its premium prospecting features. It is now available to retail partners, who can choose from a variety of styles and materials. The company is known for its unique designs and high quality materials.

The brand is made up of organic cotton with a small percentage of recycled polyester. It is a certified vegan brand, and 25% of all proceeds will go to protect wildlife and the environment. As a socially conscious brand, Espero aims to provide ethically produced clothing, while also maintaining a conscious image. Stylish and functional, Espero clothing is made for the modern man or woman.

It donates a portion of all proceeds to fund education for a child in the developing world

ESPEROS bags, which donate 50% of profits to fund education for a child in developing countries, are not a flashy brand; they are plain, no-frills, plain-Jane bags that are focused on functionality. What makes them so great is that they donate a portion of their profits to The Nobelity Project, a nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between wealthy and poor people through education.

ESPEROS is a social enterprise based in Austin, Texas. Founder Oliver Shuttlesworth became concerned about the lack of education in third-world countries, and so launched a line of bags in 2012 that donate a portion of all profits to fund education for a child in the developing world. The company works with Pencils of Promise to help provide free education to kids in developing countries.

It is crafted of water- and stain-resistant military cotton duck canvas

The material used to make military canvas tents is incredibly durable and water and stain-resistant. The fabric is made from two ply yarns that are tighter together than conventional numbered duck canvas. These threads are also more durable than single-filled fabrics. It is used for a variety of applications, including tents and military equipment. The fabric also lends itself to conveyor belts because of its stiffness and durability.

There are two main types of canvas: Single Fill and Army Duck. Single Fill is a lighter weight, uniform medium-textured canvas while Army Duck is a heavier and smoother fabric. Each is perfect for portraiture and realism. A single fill canvas weighs approximately 7 oz., while Army Duck weighs around 10 oz. Each one features a smooth surface and ample pockets.

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