Facts About Cats Tails

Cat tails are captivating, no matter how long or short they may be. According to “reports”, cats can only communicate with us using meow code. To understand what they are trying to say, we need to look at the tail. When it comes to understanding your cat’s mind, body language is crucial. 

We must decode tails, which are second only to ears. The cat tails are beautiful and unique. However, there are certain breeds of cats that have particularly interesting tails. We’ll share some interesting facts and images of cat tails from around the world. Enjoy!

Cats with Long Tails

The Maine Coon cat is often the first to come to mind when we think about cats with long, fluffy tails. Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Record holder of the can cats eat raw chicken with the longest tail is a Maine Coon This is not surprising considering the larger cats that have a long tail? There are several other breeds that are known for their long tails, including Maine Coons. 

These cat breeds include the Siberian cat breed from Russia, teh Nebelung, Norwegian Forest Cat, the Balinese, and the Siamese cat with a curled tail. Teh Maine Coon cat, who holds the record we mentioned earlier, has a tail that measures 17.58 inches in length. More

Cygnus’ luxurious and long tail is an admirable sight. However, daily life is not always easy for the record holder. His owner reports that it presents many challenges. Cygnus’ tail is so long that it extends far beyond his body. He often dips it in things as he goes about his house. Oops! The cat tail is home to 10% of the body’s bones.

Have you ever heard of the Wedgie? 

This is actually the cute name of the Norwegian Forest Cat breed. The Norwegian people coined the term “skogkatt” for this old breed of cat. It literally means “forest cat” in English. These “Viking” cats are said to have made their way to the United States via –you guessed right–Viking vessels. These long-tailed cats, which are a favorite among cat lovers, look very similar to the Maine Coon cat. 

The shape of the head is one of the most distinguishing differences between the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats. Teh Wedgie’s head is more triangular, while the Maine Coon’s head is characteristically wider and blockier. Both have majestically fluffy tails and are perfect!

Kitties are known for their shorter cat tails and tailless cats

A few breeds are immediately obvious when we think about cats with shorter tails. Many cats fall under the bobtail category such as the American Bobtail and Pixie Bob. These cats are not related to Bobcats. The domesticated cat known as the American Bobtail, also known as the Pixie Bob, Highlander, Mekong Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail, and the adorable tails that they have, is why it is so beloved by many cat owners.

American Bobtail cats are a larger breed of cat, weighing an average of 16lbs. Their tabby, the shaggy tabby coat is almost like they are always prepared for winter. The breed’s naturally occurring mutation has resulted in a shorter tail. These intelligent cats are calm and loyal and can be a great addition to a family with dogs.

Interesting American Bobtail cat fact: According to VetStret.com some psychotherapists have included American Bobtails in their treatment programs due to teh cats’ sensitivity towards human emotions. Do you want to know more about the Russian bobtail cat breed? Over 200 years ago, the Kurilian Bobtail cat was first discovered. They were discovered on Sakhalin, Russia’s archipelago of Kuril. The archipelago extends all the way to Hokkaido, Japan. 

It is believed that these beautiful short-tailed cats may have been crossed with the Japanese Bobtail. An interesting Kurilian Bobtail fact: While is popular in Europe and Russia, it is only that there are approximately 100 Kurilian Bobtail cats living in the United States.

Tailless Cat Breeds

Although the Manx cat is the most common of all tailless cat breeds, it is actually the Manx that can have a bit of a tail. The Manx cat’s naturally shorter tail is due to a genetic mutation. Manx cats have short, stump-like tails more often than not. Technically speaking, there are several styles of tails for this breed. Any of the following can be used to define a Manx cat: Rumpie, Riser Stumpie, Stumpie Stubbie, or Longie.

Although not as well-known in the States, Japanese Bobtail cats are renowned for their natural size. The striking similarities between these cats are what make them so popular. The Japanese Bobtail is very popular in many parts of Asia. They are small- to medium-sized cats. They have white fur and large patches of black or orange fur. They all end in a short, rumpy tail almost making them appear like a cat and not a rabbit.

Watch dis video courtesy of Animal Planet to learn more

Tail genetics in cats are very interesting. Did you know that the dominant gene for the tailless gene in cats is actually the dominant gene? This could explain why there are so many naturally occurring Do Birds Have Teeth tailless cat breeds! If you have a cat that has a unique tail, please share it with us in the comments section!

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