High Levels of Protein in Dog Urine Proteinuria in Dogs

What is excess Protein found in Dog Urine (Proteinuria)?

Proteinuria is when there is an excess of protein present in the dog’s urine. While dogs typically contain a tiny amount of proteins in urine, having too excessive protein may indicate an underlying problem.The most prominent condition that is associated with dog proteinuria is kidney disease. However, it could also be caused by inflammation,

infections or bleeding from the urinary tract or in tumors excessive blood pressure and other issues. In the majority of instances of proteinuria not related to kidney diseases, the issue will disappear once the root problem is addressed. Blackbirds Kidney disease-related proteinuria is an indication that your dog’s kidneys aren’t working correctly. Kidneys are typically responsible for removing bloodstream waste and for balancing levels of certain substances.

In dogs suffering from kidney disease However, an organ that filters the kidney, known as the glomerulus isn’t functioning like it is supposed to. This causes proteins that should normally be stored in blood to be released into the urine, and they are able to be identified by your dog’s veterinarian. Proteinuria isn’t an illness, but rather an indication of an underlying problem that requires attention.

Signs and symptoms that are a result of Proteinuria in Dogs

The signs of canine proteinuria can be attributed to the condition that causes it. In many instances, the dogs suffering from proteinuria don’t exhibit any signs at all and it will be identified during routine urinalysis performed at the veterinarian’s office.

The presence of proteinuria in dogs could be an indication of kidney disease. Therefore, if you observe signs of fatigue or notice that your dog seems to be drinking more water then you must seek urgent veterinarian treatment as quickly as you can.

How do vets detect proteinuria in Dogs

The most commonly used test for detecting the presence of proteinuria in dogs is routine urine analysis. The urine is taken from your pet and analyzed by a lab or the office of a veterinarian.If significant levels of protein are found in the urine of your dog Your vet may recommend the follow-up test using a different test, called urine ratio of creatinine to protein (UPCR). 

It is UPCR test is thought to be the best test to determine the levels of protein in dogs. It is likely to be administered in conjunction with other tests to assess the health of your dog’s kidneys. When you take the UPCR test it will collect urine from your dog and examine in a laboratory to determine the exact amount of protein present in the urine. This will help your veterinarian determine the cause of the issue.

Therapy for the condition of proteinuria in Dogs

Proteinuria by itself is not an illness however it could be a sign of an underlying health issue.If your dog suffers from proteinuria, your veterinarian will determine the root reason. Can Dogs Have Avocados It is likely to require additional tests, in addition to detailed information about your dog’s health, as well as modifications in behavior. 

The vet may also prescribe medicines to stop blood clots from occurring for example, a small amount of aspirin, or clopidogrel, which is a blood thinner.When the root cause of the problem has been identified Once the cause has been identified, your doctor can formulate an appropriate treatment program. A few of the diseases and treatments linked to proteinuria are:

Kidney Disease

The condition is seen in dogs suffering from kidney disease that includes chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and, sometimes, severe kidney impairment. If your dog has been identified as having kidney problems, the vet will formulate a plan of treatment to alleviate symptoms and improve the health of your pet in the best way.

The treatment of kidney diseases in dogs is complex and complicated, but the majority of times, it involves regular testing to check kidney function, and medications to reduce pressure on the kidneys as well as improve their function.

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