How do Nose Imperfections, People Correct with Rhinoplasty?

When it comes to confidence, even a small change can help get rid of self-consciousness. A nose job is a surgical corrective method for enhancing the shape and structure of the nose also known as rhinoplasty. The surgery is not very expensive, which you can find out by searching for rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai.

Rhinoplasty can be performed in different ways:

  • Open Rhinoplasty is the procedure done via an incision made in the columella. It gives direct access to nasal airways. 
  • In closed Rhinoplasty, there are no incisions made on the outside of the nose hence no scarring. 
  • Septoplasty is exclusively done for correcting a deviated septum. The purpose is to make breathing easier. 

Various types of implants are used when there is a need for increasing the size of the nose. 

  • Silicone nose implants 
  • Bone nose implants 
  • Cartilage nose implant

Depending on the surgeon, type of problem, and your needs the rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai may vary. 

Here are some of the common imperfections corrected using rhinoplasty:

Bump on the nose 

In this, the mid-portion of the nose has a hump-like structure. It can occur due to injury or can be hereditary. These are also known as dorsal humps. The hump is easily removed via surgery.

Round tip of the nose

The tip of the nose is rounder than normal making it looks larger. The bulbous tip is reshaped and resized through rhinoplasty.

Droopy nose tip

The tip of the nose is hanging down where it is abnormally close to the upper lip. The nasal tip is rotated and raised by the surgeon which gets rid of the droopiness. Grafting can be done to enhance the support so the droopiness does not come back. 

The wide floor of the nostril

The wide base of the nostril looks awkward. Skin is excised from the nasal sill to reduce the size. Wedge decisions can be done for narrowing the nostrils.

Depressed tip of the nose

The depression on the nose usually comes when you are smiling. Kt is due to overactivity of Depressor Septi muscle. The nose is reshaped with the surgery and cartilage grafts are inserted for increasing support.


The columella is the vertical structure that separates the nostrils into two. Also known as columelloplasty, the surgery is used to get rid of hanging columella by trimming or shaping the end of the nasal septum

Nasal bridge widening

Due to the abnormal width of nasal bones, the central portion of the nose looks abnormally wide. Osteotomy/wide nose rhinoplasty involves breaking the bones in the upper nasal area for narrowing the bridge. 

Low nasal bridge

When you have a low nasal bridge, the top of your nose will be flat. It is corrected by placing cartilage to increase the dorsum of the nose.

When looking for rhinoplasty surgery make sure that the surgeon understands your needs and is certified by the board for performing rhinoplasty. You can find quite a few accredited and experienced doctors/plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai.

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