How to activate Real Debrid Device on Kodi

Real Debrid Device is a premium account for Kodi users to meet their needs for fast, quality streaming. It is an unlimited multi hosting that provides Kodi users with a premium link to any of the popular Kodi add-ons like Channel1, SALTS, iStream and allows you to quickly download media content with higher quality links. ......................................................

Since many Kodi users find Real Debrid Kodi to be a useful tool for their fast streaming needs, we have shared a guide where Kodi users can add Real Debrid details to take advantage of the service.

Once you connect to Real Debrid Device from your Kodi device or software, you can always get the best Kodi VPN for streaming media content from anywhere in the world. Enjoying fast streaming from anywhere is the dream of many internet users, which we can bring to you in this guide.

Real Debrid setup on Kodi

To set up Real Debrid on Kodi, you need to follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Open Kodi > Go to Settings icon at the top > select System Preferences.

Step 2: Look at the bottom left icon and change the settings to Advanced.

Step 3: Click ” Add- ons ” located on the left sidebar > select ” Manage dependencies”.

Step 4: Click on URL Resolver

Step 5. Select Customize.

Step 6. On the many tabs on the left in the window that appears, click on ” Universal Converters”.

Step 7: Now select the Priority tab, which is set to 100.

Step 8: Change the priority to 90 by first clicking the Backspace key, type 90 and then select Done > Click OK.

Step 9: Now click on the Configure tab again > Universal Converters > Scroll down to click on Authorize my account.

Step 10: A window will appear on your screen that will provide you with a code and ask you to open the website.

Step 11: Enter the CODE you provided in the Kodi popup that appeared on your screen > Click Continue. Be sure to enter the code as soon as possible because you only have 2 minutes to enter the code.

Step 12: In this step, you will be directed to a login and password page. Once you log into Real Debrid Device, it will automatically connect to your Kodi.

Step 13: To compare using Real Debrid, you can view the movie links from the Exodus add-on when Real Debrid was not set up on Kodi.

Once Real Debrid is set up on Kodi, you will see movie links from the Exodus add-on.

Enjoy videos with fast streaming!

Benefits of real debris

Below are some of the benefits of Real Debrid Kodi and the benefits of a premium account:

  • Improves streaming quality by finding a large number of trusted sources.
  • Download any media content instantly
  • Upload any file available on download platforms such as Uptobox without restrictions.
  • This allows you to get a premium link that none of the free Kodi users use.
  • This premium link will provide you with fast and quality streaming
  • Works with all the best add-ons like Exodus, Specto, iStream, SALTS and many more.

Testament of Real Debrid Device

Real Debrid is the perfect combination for Covenant to speed up streaming and prevent Kodi buffering. Covenant is a popular Kodi add-on in the Kodi world and that is why many Kodi users often use this add-on to watch movies and TV shows. This creates a lot of traffic, which also slows down Covenant. In this regard, Real Debrid Covenant is a smart choice.

The real Debrid Genesis

Many Kodi users love Genesis Reborn, movie, TV show and IPTV add-on because of the many options. Real Debrid makes this addon even more interesting as it provides faster streaming. It will offer Kodi users HD viewing during their entertainment hours. Using Real Debrid along with Real Debrid VPN will make your streaming faster and more secure.

The real Debrid Bob is unleashed

Real Debrid can also be used for the Bob Unleashed Kodi add-on since it streams movies and TV shows. Real Debrid Bob is useful when watching HD video content and will therefore view these links without lag or buffering. It is a good choice for home entertainment. Real Debrid can be additionally used when using Real Debrid VPN, which will keep you safe on the Internet.

Real Debrid Kodi Links Not Working

Invalid code Error

As previously stated, a code received through Kodi expires within 2 minutes of being issued.

Correction: If you see an invalid code error anyway, then you have exceeded the time limit and are late in writing the code. Try requesting the code again following the same procedure and do it quickly this time.

Real Debrid not working with Exodus

Many Kodi users in the Kodi community are currently facing issues with Real Debrid as they are having trouble using Real Debrid with Exodus. Users claim that everything worked fine before, but now it doesn’t.

Bugfix: In April 2017, there was a change in Real Debrid’s authorization settings. Previously, Kodi users authorized Real Debrid from the Exodus settings. Now Real Debrid is authorized via URLResolver. The steps we have mentioned in the guidelines above are the new Real Debrid authorization method. Follow the steps below to correct errors.

To Summarize

Real Debrid allows Kodi users to access premium links in popular Kodi add-ons where they can stream media content with better quality and at a faster pace. It not only finds the reliable media content you are looking for, but also allows you to quickly stream content regardless of internet speed. Overall, Real Debrid Kodi empowers users and also has a cheap price. Once you have Real Debrid Device setup on your Kodi, log in to use the service.

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