Macaw Lifespan How Long Do They Live

One of the advantages of keeping the macaw as a pet is the impressive life span; indeed the bird you keep as a pet could attain 50 years old when properly cared for. But this species, which is the biggest of all parrots, could attain a much greater lifespan on the open, reaching up to 60 years old, and certain species could have lived to be for up to.  Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear   This is a long time walking through the lush tropical rainforests of the Amazon

Why Do Macaws Live for So Long

Macaws are the biggest species of parrots. There are many species of parrots with various life expectancies, sometimes even exceeding 100 years. Parrots have a longer lifespan than mammals – cats, dogs, and even elephants – however, they live less than jellyfish whales or some turtles.

Genetic Differences

Genetic differences between these species can be the reason for the differences in longevity from one species to the next. For instance, if parrots are able to live for a long time, it’s because their genes favor such longevity. This means that certain physiological changes such as an improved DNA repair mechanism or a better resistance to disease can allow parrots to have remarkable longevity. But the exact mechanism that allows a macaw to live a lot longer than mice, for instance, remains unexplored at the moment.

Lower Metabolism? Not So Fast

Another interesting aspect is that, in mammals, the biggest species live for the longest (the bowhead whale is the record for being the longest-lived mammal, as of the oldest known specimen has been estimated at 211 years old. the oldest specimen is calculated at 211 years). Researchers have explained this by the following theory: Large species have a lower metabolic rate at the base (heart rates and expenditure of energy) and this gives an advantage when it comes to their longevity.

It’s a Mystery!

In the bird’s case, in contrast, the reverse is true! In fact bird species have a greater metabolic rate at the basal level and greater temperatures than humans. If we accept the idea that could explain the reason why macaws live longer, then macaws and other parrots could be able to live longer than dogs of a similar size for instance. This is the reason why certain researchers believe that birds come with specific genetic and physiological adaptations to protect them from the rapid aging process. Further research is required to discover the truth behind this intriguing mystery.

Are Macaws the Longest-Living Birds?

While their longevity is impressive, as long as it is, macaws do not the only bird species to have the record for longevity for cockatoos. They are one of twenty species belonging to the family of parrots, Cacatuinae generally has a lifespan of 60 years. However, some of them have been kept in captivity for more than 100 years. For instance, Fred, a cockatoo from the Bonorong Nature Reserve in Tasmania is now aged 104.

Another cockatoo is known as ” Cocky Bennett” is believed to have lived to the year 120 prior to passing in 1916.According to the Guinness Book of Records, it’s Cookie Blue Birds in Michigan The Major Mitchell’s cockatoo who was officially recognized as the most senior pet bird that lived to this day. He lived to an 83-year-old at Brookfield Zoo, near Chicago, and passed away in the year 2016.

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