Now the time to control food intake

Before going to Novomed, I used to work out all the time, but kept making unhealthy choices when it came to what and how much I ate. I was working out five to six times per week in the gym but was not able to lose weight. I wanted to improve my nutrition and health and so I went to see the registered dietitian in Dubai Novomed Clinic to determine where my nutrition might be improved to reap the benefits of the amount of effort I was putting into training.

The fact that I was consuming way too much food was affecting my self-esteem and health. The dietician provided me with the resources I needed to lead a healthy lifestyle that was tailored to my physical activity level and body type. What helped me the most is the list of meals she told me I could cook on a daily basis and what portions I’m permitted to consume.

My journey with her was remarkable from start to finish. After all the effort I put in, it is satisfying to see those kilograms disappear month after month. It was fantastic to have someone to talk to about diet and problems. She helped me get to know my body and understand how to take good care of it. The outcomes were amazing. I not only felt and looked better in terms of my physical appearance, but I also had more energy than ever before. My body felt incredibly strong and well-fed.

Dealing with the amount of food I was permitted to eat at first was the hardest part. I would argue that keeping motivated is unquestionably a crucial aspect of the process. The dietician’s tips were really helpful, such as planning and preparing healthy meals in advance and keeping healthy snacks with you at all times.

My dietitian, in my opinion, was incredibly encouraging, knowledgeable, and supportive. All my appointments with her were fun and beneficial, and I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight, keep it off, or improve their health.

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