Premium VS Regular: What Porsche and Audi Service Experts Say

From the East Coast to the West Coast, Audi service Scottdale professionals are often asked if premium gas is worth paying more for. Premium gas can be more expensive than regular, but most Audi and Porsche service experts strongly recommend cutting the cost and filling your sports car with the good stuff. (Some engines require this).

If you own a performance car, here are the top five reasons to choose a premium over a regular:

  1. You can achieve more horsepower. According to Porsche service gurus, cars intended to run on high-octane gasoline can lose up to 5 percent of their power in normal driving. Loss of engine detonation that makes your sports car less efficient. Because premium gasoline is so refined, it reduces knocking and makes your car run more smoothly, squeezing out that extra power. Premium gasoline can improve your acceleration by up to half a second.
  2. High performance engines experience fewer service problems. For drivers of high-end Ferraris or Porsches, choosing premium gas over regular can lower service costs in the long run. Unlike regular fuel, premium fuel does not leave engine deposits, the buildup of which can clog sensitive parts like exhaust chambers and pistons.
  3. Older vehicles last longer. For older sports cars, Audi service phoenix professionals recommend using premium gasoline, which burns longer than normal and keeps the engine clean. This, in turn, helps extend the life of the vehicle.
  4. You have a supercharged engine. Supercharged engines increase their power by forcing additional air into the engine: the more oxygen available, the stronger the combustion. Because supercharged engines pump fuel and air so quickly (faster than the car’s sensors can adjust for engine knock), it’s best to use premium gas to bring the engine down.
  5. Premium gas doesn’t cost as much as people think. Although many consumers think that premium gasoline is expensive, it is not as expensive as many people believe. Premium gasoline usually costs ten cents more than regular gasoline. That means if you’re buying 20 gallons of fuel, the premium option adds just $4 to your final bill. For sports car owners who want to get the best performance out of their vehicles, this is often worth it.

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