Prostate Inflammation and Abscessation in Dogs

Prostatitis and Prostatic Abscess in Dogs

A prostate abscess is a sign of the presence of pus in the sac. This can cause prostatitis in which the prostate is injured. It is usually caused by a chronic infection that went unnoticed. Prostatitis can be divided into two stages one of acute (early) and chronic (later and further into the course of the disease).

Prostatitis acute is characterized by the sudden appearance in bacterial infections inside the prostate. Sometimes, the abscess can break and the contents leak to the stomach cavity.


It is important to inform your veterinarian an extensive description of your dog’s medical and overall health and the time frame of first signs of the illness, and the possible events that could be the cause of this situation. How Long Do Birds Live The details you give may help your veterinarian determine the cause to the root cause of the illness. 

Your vet will conduct an entire physical exam for your pet, which includes the standard lab tests, such as the blood chemical profile, the complete blood count as well as an electrolyte test,

and a urine test. It is the sole

method to establish whether the organs are operating correctly, and also to identify causes like the presence of bacterial infections, microscopic indications of blood within the urine, or higher white blood cell counts which indicate that the body is fighting an infection.

There might there could be some blood in the urine. For dogs suffering from prostatitis, bleeding can occur even when they aren’t doing any urination. In some cases, a dog affected by the disease may not urinate at all or feel discomfort when taking urination. Feces can appear flat, or the dog might be constipated..


If the reason for the prostatitis is bacterial, then your dog should be treated in a hospital and receive antibiotics intravenously. Your dog can be treated as an outpatient in the event that it is experiencing a minor form that is chronic prostatitis.

Castration can help relieve prostatitis when it’s a hormonal cause and dogs that do not have neutered dogs are more susceptible to developing this kind of disease. Your vet may also recommend hormone blockers to reduce the possibility of repeat incidence.If your dog suffers from an abscess or ruptured prostate, it may need surgery once the antibiotic treatment has helped to stabilize the situation.

Living and Management

If your dog is not suffering from an abscess of the prostate that has ruptured in abdomen cavity its likelihood for recovery remains good to good.  Crested Birds If your dog can remain intact (i.e. unneutered) it is necessary to stop breeding until it is healed from the prostatitis bacterial infection and until there are no more bacteria present in the prostate fluid samples. The samples will be sent for a lab examination at subsequent visits to your veterinarian.

If your vet advises you to get your dog castrated in order to avoid an outbreak of prostatitis in the future and its prognosis for the rest of the time is greatly improved due to this. If your dog seems to have trouble urinating or walks with a stiff gait or is showing other symptoms that were present when it was suffering from prostatitis, it is imperative to contact your veterinarian, since the prostatitis could be persistent.

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