Roundworms in Birds

Birds are at Risk from Roundworm

Gastrointestinal parasites are a serious problem for birds’ stomachs and intestines. They also can affect the normal functioning of other organs. blue birds in Michigan The bird’s digestive system is affected by roundworms.

Types and Symptoms

A roundworm infection can cause weakness and weight loss. If left untreated, roundworms can cause intestinal obstruction in birds.


Roundworms can be contracted by pet birds from wild birds. This is usually due to the bird’s contact with wild birds while it is being kept outdoors, or during its time in a bird shop if it was brought from one. Infected birds can transmit parasites to their eggs.


The droppings of a bird are tested for parasitic eggs to determine if it has roundworms. The veterinarian will then prescribe medication to kill roundworms. two birds on a wire meaning This is usually done orally. Sometimes, a third or fourth dose is necessary to eliminate all roundworm eggs.Surgery may also be required if roundworms become a lot and obstruct the bird’s intestines.


Regular deworming at your veterinarian can help prevent gastrointestinal parasites from infecting your bird.

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