Should You Hug Cats

There are cats that have been loved, kissed and carried around, enjoying their lives. Then there’s the reverse situation–a cat who isn’t afraid to swipe anyone who tries to pet them or stroll by the animal too closely.

Due to the wide range of personality, it’s difficult to determine if a certain cat is a lover of being loved. Do some simply tolerate it? Do they actually enjoy being hugged? Should you be hugging your cat

Do Cats Like Hugs

In reality, the majority of cats HATE to be held. They don’t want to be forced to be held, and particularly not in a strict manner.If you’ve ever witnessed a pet being held there’s a good chance you’ve seen panting, squirming, meowing and, eventually claws. BIRDS Chirping AT NIGHT  Don’t be offended by it. Most cats see hugging as a type of human-instigated torture that is pleasing to humans in the human portion of the equation.

However, certain cat breeds do seem to love it. What is the difference? There are many aspects that influence whether cats like or hate hugging. Here are some.

The process of learning to love Hugs the early years of

Certain cats might become accustomed to being hugged during their kittenhood. When you own a young kitten, and they are adolescent and surrounded by hugging and embraced, they are likely to love (or at the very least tolerate!) hugging than, say an adult wild cat you bring in your residence.

Cats that are easygoing

Certain breeds of cats are believed to be more gentle than the average cat such as those of the Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, and Sphynx.

They tend to be on the more relaxed side, which means they tend to be more comfortable being handled or hugged. But, cats are nevertheless individuals and you might discover you’re Ragdoll cat doesn’t like hugging as the Domestic Longhaired cat.

In the end but, adopting a sweet and gentle cat from your neighborhood shelter, and getting to know them on a regular basis is equally likely to produce a positive outcome.

How Will You How Do You Your Cat

The way you interact with your cat can affect the reaction you getfrom them, as well. If you rush in like a predator or apprehension, then catch them off guard and lift them to the ceiling, it likely won’t be well received. If you build towards it gradually starting with some gentle facial rubs, followed by massages on the body, then your pet could allow you to hug them too.

What can you tell if Your Cat Loves Hugs

Cats are masters at subtlety, except when they dislike something. You can tell quite quickly if your cat is one of them by looking at their body behavior. Cats who love hugs are inclined to lean towards them. They frequently make purrs, headbutt you and occasionally look at you.
Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix

On the contrary, cats who do not like hugging are likely to flee and push you away and show you signs that they’re annoyed. They could lay their ears back, shake their tails or even growl. Certain cats actually “freeze,” leading you to believe they aren’t averse to being embraced, but when you examine them carefully, they could have eyes that are dilation and an overly stressed face.

The best general rule is to let

go of any cat who fights or seems to like being petted, snuggled or even hugged. You should be ready to ask for forgiveness.There are other methods to show affection to your cat. These include gentle scratching or grooming them using brushes for cats, and offering treats. The best option is to determine the things your cat loves so that your time together is enjoyable to both.

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