The Best Cat Houses and Condos on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Although there’s an unheated variant of this K&H outdoor cat house however, the heated model is more popular in reviews. And with more than 3,100 five-star reviews to its name This K&H product has been described as “wonderful and quite possibly a lifesaver,” according to one reviewer puts it. Many happy reviewers say they “kitty loves” this cat home. “Bought this for a stray cat that has been hanging around my porch for over a year,” one reviewer wrote, adding that “Kitty has moved right in! This home is great insulation, weatherproof and waterproof. Kitty loves it.”

“My cats are very happy and warm,” says one of the reviewers on the heating function which is adored by house cats as well as wild cats. A friend of a cat who was feral “He intuitively knew that this was his new house and moved to it without any coaxing. 

When we go to find the cat

it is likely that they will see him asleep in his cozy, warm house.” A more gratified reviewer writes “During the winter cold snap the cat was curled in his cozy home and sleeping all day. He would be so content and joyful that my heart was bursting to be with him.” Birds in Colorado They go on to say, “This is the best purchase I’ve ever made an animal that is feral … and for my security of mind.”

As one cat owner recalls, “Not even 60 seconds after putting it in place (which is so simple, to be honest) the cat had in the box. Within 3 mins, the cat was sitting on the top of the box and kneading the pillows. After five minutes, he had already asleep in the top mattress.” A lot of other reviewers agree with cat lovers are awed by this home, including one who writes “Got it for sister’s Maine Coon and she went immediately into it the moment I put the furniture. 

She likes to lie in it while she sleeps

This cat has been in four different soft side cat condos but would not use one of them. When we are unable to locate her current home, our first go to is the condo, and she’s asleep.” Another user appreciates that there aren’t screws or complicated set-up required:

“When I found this I thought it was great. In just five minutes, my oversized cat was inside , taking a bath.” In the end, “it’s good quality, simple to set up and remove it’s a space-saving device, easy to clean and beautiful,” as one reviewer states. Another reviewer states simply, “This bed is a winner for sure.”

This cat’s condo is perfect for cats with a lot of energy

Our Bengal weighs about 13 pounds, and our sweet mutt weighs about 10 pounds. Both seem to like it,” one reviwer writes and a lot of other reviewers are in agreement that the cat tree has “houses which are big enough to allow larger cats to be able to stay within,” according to one reviewer.

 “My 17-pound cat fits with room to stretch,” one owner claims. Another reviewer with a 20-pound cat and a 15-pound cat “was having trouble finding a tree with a bed that was big enough to accommodate them.” This was until they came across that cat tree. Can Cat Eat Watermelon They say, “Not only do they have plenty of room on their own, they have spent several hours on it together and it seems to be holding them up just fine.”

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