The guide to buying gold bullion and bars in Dubai

Whether you are searching for Central Park City Walk Dubai or places to buy gold, there cannot be a better option than Dubai. 

If it’s because of its greater range, scarcity, or purity, Dubai’s gold is sought-after all over the world. You’ll encounter all the various gold types in Dubai, from small nuggets to bullion and bars. Although a nugget will make a good keepsake, bullion and a bar can provide you with considerable investment stability. Here’s what you need to know about buying gold in Dubai.

Where to buy gold in Dubai?

Several markets deal with bullion and gold bars in Dubai from the gold traders to the popular Dubai Gold Souk. Let’s take a peek at the greatest spots to buy gold bullion in Dubai:

Al Bahrain Jewellers

Founded in 1945, Al Bahrain Jewellers LLC has become a pioneering brand in Dubai’s bullion trade. Functioning since 1994 in the Emirate, they have been involved in the sale and purchasing of gold, silver and platinum. You will reach them via the feedback form on their website and get quotations for different weights and gold bullion sophistication levels.

Emirates Gold

In addition to gold bars, Emirates Gold offers an incredible variety of items. They work with custom-made minted gold items, gold pendants, coins, badges and even plaques and trophies. Their goods are 999.9 per cent gold authorised. You can buy 1KG gold bars with the Pepsi or 7up logo for those with a more playful logo, or even a plain gold KitKat strip!

Al Etihad Gold

Al Etihad Gold is a full-service silver and gold plant. They specialise in gold and silver bars in the range of 100 grammes to 1 kilogramme. Accredited by the Dubai Good Delivery standard, their gold bars are 99.5 percent fine. Regarding the sale of gold bars, they also offer refining, smelting, assaying, gold separation and minting facilities.

Gold Standard DMCC

Gold Standard not only offers gold bullion, but it also supplies globally secured deliveries via reputable outlets. Risk management and selling of precious metals funding of valuable metals testing and manufacturing are some of the other services they offer across their website.

National Metal DMCC

National Metal DMCC sells valuable metals and provides existing and prospective trading opportunities for precious metals crude oil and currencies across its website. 

National Metal DMCC is governed by the Emirate Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA), which allows them to act as a multi-asset derivative exchange. They have built their credibility as one of the top FOREX and commodity futures trading markets in the Middle East.

National Bullion House

Global Bullion House is providing a wide variety of gold products for sale. They are an official seller of a wide variety of certified gold items, such as Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic and Chinese Panda gold coins. 

They also sell minted bars from 1 gramme to 1000 grammes and cast bars in various sizes from 250 grammes to 400 oz (11.3 kilograms). Many of their gold goods conform with the Dubai and London Good Distribution Requirements.

Kalotic Precious Metals

Kaloti Precious metals have been used in bullion, ingots and jewellery in the UAE for 25 years. They sell standardised gold bars with a weight of up to 12 kilogrammes and a purity of 99.99 per cent. In contrast to the gold bars, they also have a wide variety of gold and silver coins and awards.

Deira Gold Souk

Situated close to Deira Clocktower, Gold Souk is a treasure chest of all items shining and sparkling. If you’re looking for gold coins or bars, the souk is home to some of the most famous gold shops in Dubai, such as Damas, Joyalukkas and many more. When you wander through this sparkling market, you’ll be able to find almost every commodity you like, ranging from 2.5-gramme coins to epic coin-sized bars.

Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

The popular Dubai Gold & Diamond Park is another spot to purchase gold bars in Dubai. Located on Sheik Zayed Lane, the park is the hub to about 90 retailers. Popular shops include Calash, Arabian Gems and Diamonds. You can choose from a wide variety of bullion available at Dubai Gold & Diamond Park.

If you are already considering Central Park City Walkspeed up your search as it is situated near all the gold shops mentioned above.  

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