There’s probably any more impressive rabbit

Physical Description

There’s probably any more impressive rabbit on the planet than the Flemish Giant. If one of them walked around it is possible that you at first glance believe it to be the dog. The rabbits weigh around 15 pounds and can have the height in excess of 2.5 feet. Texas Birds Males have a bigger heads than females. Females are blessed with a dewlap, an enormous fold of skin beneath the chin, which is used to keep warmth their infant. 

A highly regarded Flemish Giant

according to breed standards, has a big and attractively shaped head with erect ears, a lengthy and robust body, a uniformly color coat as well as a round the rump. Flemish Giants have thick, shiny fur, which comes in a range of shades. 

Seven colors are recognised within the United States by the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders. These colors are blue, black and fawn. They also have steel gray, light gray sandy, white and black.


Flemish Giants are a very ancient breed of domestic rabbit. They were originally bred to hunt for fur and meat The breed was already present in Belgium in the 16 the century. The first breed standards were established in 1893.

While they are a domesticated breed Flemish Giants still retain certain characteristics from wild rabbits. They have ears that are large, which aid in hearing and excellent eyesight and both assist in detecting predators.


Flemish Giants are still prized because of their meat and their fur, however they are frequently bred as companion animals. They are referred to by the name of “Gentle Giants” of the world of rabbits, and are considered to be wonderful pets. If handled properly they can be very gentle and gentle with even small

children. A lot of people also keep Flemish Giants to display. Because of their size these rabbits require a spacious area to roam. However, they are litter box trained. This means they may also be permitted to roam free in the indoor environment.

Current Status

Flemish Giants are a stable and highly sought-after breed. In their long and varied time, they haven’t been in a breeding program that has been over-bred or harvested. How Long Do Birds Live

At The Maryland Zoo

Flemish Giant rabbits are among the most well-known and fun Animal Ambassadors from the Zoo’s Animal Embassy collection.

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