10 items to put in a coffee gift basket

Some people are hard to impress. It is very hard to choose a gift for them during the holiday season, their birthdays, or anniversaries. In situations like these, a gift basket is the safest option as it has various options. More specifically, coffee gift baskets are the best to give someone. They are easy to assemble, and the options are easier to find. But there are so many products out there, and these many options can confuse someone new to the coffee world.

In this post, you’ll find 10 gift options that can be put in a coffee gift basket.

Coffee mugs

Coffee lovers are very specific about their mugs. If you’re gifting someone a coffee gift set, a coffee mug is a must. You can personalize the mug by adding their name or photograph to it. An insulated mug is another option as it will keep the beverage hot for hours. There are many options in the market to choose from. Handmade or rustic mugs look vintage and have an aesthetic effect. They’re an inexpensive and classic gift option.

Coaster set

If you have a clean freak friend, they’ll love leather coasters or, for instance, any coaster set. They keep the table top clean. Plus, if they match the cup, they look classic.

French press

If you’re giving someone a coffee gift basket, why not give them something that can actually make coffee? The French press is the best and a classic choice for that. It is a wonderful coffee maker that puts the drinker in charge of their coffee from beginning to end. The French press brings out the natural oils and flavors of the Sidamo coffee beans to make your coffee experience heavenly. French press is available for sale during the holiday season. So, it is for sure for your gift basket.

Pour over

Pour over is a method of coffee making that has become famous in the past few years. It differs from the famous ‘French press’ but is equally loved. This method is considered ‘more clean’ than the former as less oil is passed through the filters that enhance the intensity of the flavors of the Sidamo roasted coffee. The purpose of pour over is to bring out more natural notes from the coffee bean. The measures on the pot’s side help get the perfect amount for a full cup.

Coffee grinder

If you want your friend to be in charge of their coffee completely, add a coffee grinder to the set so they can grind the beans as they want. There are many options in the market to choose from. Find the one with the best features that can fit inside your basket.

Coffee diffuser

A coffee diffuser is a multi-purpose gift option. It allows you to make your coffee, tea, or detox drinks anywhere. Plus, it fills the coffee mug with the delicious aroma of roasted coffee beans.

Travel coffee mug

Coffee lovers habitually have their coffee in hand even if they are traveling. For someone like this, an insulated travel coffee mug with a lid is a great option.

Mug warmer

The most disappointing thing is to make an excellent warm coffee and have it at room temperature if busy at work. Mug warmers are ideal gifting options as they keep the mug warm to keep coffee hot. They come in elegant designs and can even be personalized to give a homely touch to your gift.

Roasted coffee beans

A coffee gift basket without coffee beans? Sounds odd, right?! Roasted coffee beans are the best as they give a wholesome taste with crisp flavors. Caturra roasted coffee is a special grade Arabica hybrid loved by coffee lovers across the globe. It is distinguished by crisp and mild sweet flavors. However, in a cup, it gives chocolate notes and a smooth (not tangy) citrus accent.

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Everyone loves chocolates, and chocolate-covered coffee beans are a double treat for coffee lovers. Add these to your gift basket to overjoy your coffee lover friends.

Coffee scrub

This gift is for non-coffee drinkers. Coffee is good for health, but it also has several benefits in skincare. Coffee scrubs smell delicious and act as an excellent exfoliant. You can add a coffee scrub to your gift basket as a complimentary gift.

Final words

Putting a gift basket can be difficult if you do not have suitable options. Hope this guide helps you accumulate the perfect coffee gift basket for your friends and family.

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