Business Plan of Creation of Laptop Store


It is documented that there is a rapid increase in the use of computers within institutions of higher learning, especially use of Laptops. The use and opening of a MacBook 12in M7 laptop store have, from research, shown a socioeconomic and welfare improvement of the target group in various dimensions.

However the adoption of the idea on establishing laptop store that sells laptops and laptop accessories within the university campus would offer a big challenge for firms already established within the reach of the campus though the firms could easily cooperate without fear of closure.

The purpose of this proposal is to analyze the creation of laptop store within the campus and its effects on the economic, social and academic lifestyle of students within PMU. Since the introduction of laptops sales, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand of the services associated with computers across the nations.

The adoption of the usage of the laptops has been so slow due factors such as the lack of a store that could be accessed by PMU and employees. The purpose of this proposal is to analyze the adoption of the laptops, their parts and the overall effect on the economic life of a student on campus.

The introduction of laptops was a great relieve to the users of personal computers. Before that, the computer sector, experienced difficulties in service delivery to its customers. When the world was still using main frame computers, service delivery particularly in universities presented a big problem due to inaccessibility to them by the larger student population at PMU.

In bid to reduce the above difficulty, technological inventions which began early 1950s led to the birth of laptop computers. These machines, laptops in particular realized their diversified applications not only within college environments, but also in consumer retail world like in the super markets and even petrol filling stations.

However, it has taken many an investor long time to implement this technology thus reducing and limiting its popularity in usage. Benefits, however, come in two ways; both to the user and the provider of the service. The former is the customer while the latter is the laptop vendor or an agent providing the service. A survey was therefore conducted in PMU campuses to ascertain the need for such services to the students within the university.

Business Organization Plan

The mission of the business is to provide a long term solution to the challenges that PMU students are facing at the moment. The model of the business shall assume stationing of four agents each with either parts of laptops or complete laptops alienware aurora 2019, all distributed strategically within the university compound.

The uniqueness of this model is that many students would be reached. Our target places will be students’ hostels that are dispersed all over the compound. If considered, the service providers should also provide accessories as well as some training to our new customers. This could be on the usage particularly installation of the software that are accompanied by the sale of laptops and their accessories. This will form part of our long term goal.

The strengths related to this model asserts that the business shall not be confined to the four agents requested for but there is a large opportunity to expand even to other campuses not only in PMU but also across the republic of Kenya. The willing partner will act as a business partner in providing the network and the funding necessary for spearheading the start of the project. We plan to have a name of the company that will enable us to operate countrywide (Lannon, 2010).

Services provided

This proposal presents a service-based business environment. The clients shall get their service from employees stationed at different parts of the campus at the start. The mode of provision of this service shall be a customer presents his/her encoded card to be swiped into the POS slot. Therefore, the direct implication of this service is that a customer must have the recommended card in order to transact business with the store.

Administrative plan

At the apple music replay moment this business is still in its pilot stage and therefore, the trademark of the name is not yet established. This is the business’ long term plan. Location of the business at the moment shall be confined at the university’s campus premises.

As a consequence, the cost associated to this location shall be the rent of $ 7,000 for each agent’s hall housing a single POS machine. To increase accountability, students and the employees at PMU shall be required to carry an encoded plastic card that will be used with the point of sale machines. However, hard cash shall also be accepted.

Management and accounting shall be done solely by the pioneering group of students. However, for more accountability, we plan to source management skills from the university’s school of management. The legal part shall delegate to the University’s administration as well as the security.

In addition, accounting shall involve a reconciliation of statements from the machine’s printout. These statements’ shall be reviewed using a select committee from the owners on the side of the project holders. Personnel shall include individuals from the management team of the students. They shall be paid on a monthly basis. We rely on the strength that at the moment there are a few players in this field, therefore we expect a monopolistic business type of business in our favour.

The only competitor on market is the current mobile phone vendors. At the moment, manufacturers of mobile phones are producing handheld phones that almost have the capability of laptops; however, we discovered that it had a weakness in that these manufacturers are not able to provide phones that can handle large amounts of data, especially application software’s to customers. We also realized that, it is affected by network failures time to time.

This is where we pegged our strength. Besides, maintaining desktop computer machine is not cost effective for beginners in such like businesses. The only weakness that is associated with this business model is that it cannot serve people on a 24-hour basis at the moment. Plans are there to facilitate this in future.

Marketing Plan

Marketing of the business shall adopt a direct sales method. In the initial stages of the launch of the business, a selected number of members freedom our team shall be stationed at the main gates of entry to the university, hostels and use of university’s notice board.

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