Holistic Medicine Man

Ryan Walsh, a student at the University of Arizona, recently started a holistic medicine club on campus. He hopes that this group will continue to grow and educate people. The group will not meet until the fall semester, but Ryan will continue to educate people on his own time. The first meeting of the club is set for late September, so stay tuned! There will be more events like this in the future, but for now, he’s happy to educate people on his own time.

Rakel Rakel

Dr. Rakel has won numerous teaching awards and been elected to the Gold Humanism Medical Society. Before moving to Wisconsin, he taught at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He will return to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health in 2021. He is currently developing a patient-centered care unit that will involve teams of treatment professionals. These teams typically include physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, social workers, and nutritionists. He teaches about holistic health and disease prevention through a combination of holistic practices.

After a residency in rural family medicine in Driggs, Idaho, Dr. Rakel began to question conventional Western medicine and began to incorporate integrative medicine into his practice. He has also started an integrative medicine clinic in Madison, called the Integrative Medicine Research Park Clinic. In addition, he teaches meditation classes and other integrative medicine techniques to medical students. He is also the director of a new clinic in the UW Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Tim Regan

Former Holistic Medicine Man Tim Regan has served time for multiple rape and assault offenses. In 2004, Regan raped a 21-year-old co-worker while carrying a noose, tarp, shovel, and photography equipment. Regan was sentenced to 15 years in Connecticut prison concurrent with his 12 years in New York. Regan is the author of several books, including “Crimes of the Mind: A Holistic Medicine Approach to Healing”.

During his incarceration, Regan was ordered to register as a sex offender. Inmates who register as sex offenders are notified 120 days before the end of their criminal sentence. The state Attorney General’s office of Mental Health coordinate psychiatric exams. After assessing Regan’s mental state, the agencies may recommend civil management, which involves treatment and strict supervision in the community or confinement in a psychiatric facility.


The ancient knowledge of Holistic Medicine Man Suxo is passed down by generations and is passed from father to son using a secret language. The kallawayas are very proud of their traditional medicine but fear that the modern generations do not value it and are at risk of losing it. They have also developed a method of treatment for the body that is based on natural remedies. The Kallawayas have been practicing holistic medicine for thousands of years and have benefited from its healing properties.

Isabel Sandoval

While pursuing a career in film, Isabel Sandoval, Holistic Medicine Man, shows great promise. She combines a passion for storytelling and a genuine interest in social issues with a commitment to healing. Her debut feature-length film is a stunning showcase of her skills. She portrays trans women and people of color as strong and complex characters, highlighting the conflict between the two. But is Sandoval really a transgender woman?

Born and raised in Cebu, the Philippines, Isabel Sandoval’s first feature, Senorita, received world premiere status and won the Emerging Director Award at the Asian American International Film Festival. She also directed Apparition, a nun-dramatic drama about the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, which won the Lotus Audience Award at the Deauville Asian Film Festival. The filmmaker spoke to me about the film and her own life story when she was shooting Lingua Franca three years ago.

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