Top 10 facts about Cardboard Boxes!


The first thing that comes into your mind when we say the word ‘Cardboard’ is cereal boxes and toilet paper. But the word cardboard goes beyond this. Currently, cardboard boxes play an important role in our daily lives. The most important one remains when you receive your parcels. More and more people have converted to online shopping that’s why they get their products in cardboard packaging boxes. Due to their firm strength and higher durability most companies deliver their products in such boxes to keep them safe and secure. 

Custom cardboard box supermarket is quite big. Customized shipping and packaging containers can significantly improve your brand’s perception. We can surely prove this by a number of facts. These fascinating fun facts about cardboard boxes will make you consider your current models, so read on.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Cardboard Box:

There are different kinds of cardboard

A single wall makes up the majority of the cardboard boxes. But there is also a double wallboard and triple wallboard. Cardboard packaging boxes made from two walls are more durable than the single one. There are so many different kinds of these boxes! The material used to make jewelry boxes, cake boxes and cereal boxes are all similar. This is the reason they now all belong to the same family. 

Cardboard boxes have various sizes and shapes 

The design of custom cardboard boxes is determined by the items required for transporting. Even though square and rectangular cardboard boxes are the most common, unusual shapes are also possible. If you want a cardboard box that specifically falls onto your needs. You can order one from us. We can customize such boxes according to the size and shape the product requires. However, the irregular shape of these boxes is not as useful as a standard box with a square shape. You will be able to find the right size and shape to send whatever you need to deliver. Boxes made from cardboard can be as small or as large as you need. Additionally, you can ask for custom boxes if you cannot find the size you need.

Cardboard boxes come with a variety of colors

A Kraft paper finish can be used to create numerous cardboard boxes. However, it is also possible to purchase white cardboard boxes. Some of these are very attractive. Additionally, colorful paperboards are available in a variety of colors. These can be used to create vibrant boxes.

Cardboard box provides protection to products 

To deliver goods to your clients most companies use cardboard boxes. However, you cannot just package your items in any old box. Therefore, to transport your materials you must carefully select the proper shape and size of the cardboard box. Anything you put inside cardboard boxes will be safe until it gets to its destination. 

Cardboard boxes reduces waste

Cardboard boxes can be used for various purposes. Cat houses, magazine holders and bird feeders all can be made out of cardboard printed boxes. This explains why businesses that transport their goods use these boxes so frequently. You can also recycle them after you have finished using them.

Cardboard boxes have amazing recycling rate

The highest recycling rate of any kind of packaging on the planet is achieved by cardboard boxes. The UK recycles 84 percent of all cardboard packaging. This is equivalent to avoiding 2 million tons of waste from landfills annually. Cardboard boxes are made with the help of recycled materials. Additionally, the recycling process takes around fourteen days to complete. Packaging companies now use 20 percent lighter material than ten years ago. This is done so without any impact on structural properties. 

Cardboard boxes keep food safe and fresh

Nowadays people have started storing food so they can travel with ease. They use cardboard boxes for food packaging. It can be used to store beverages, sweets, dry foods and frozen foods. These boxes keep crisp food safe and fresh as well. This is the reason many people keep these boxes safe to reuse them later.

Cardboard boxes are a result of an accident

Thousands of paper sacks were once mistakenly sliced through by a factory worker who meant to wrinkle them. A New York plant accident occurred in 1879, which led to the destruction of almost 20,000 paper packs. But something should be able to be done with them rather than simply throwing away the damaged bag. Robert Gair had the potential to use the damaged packs to create folding box layouts. Later, a man who was similar to him invented a device that could produce pre-cut cardboard boxes. To make a box, fold the flat pieces together. 

Cardboard City

You assumed it right! There is a place dedicated to this name. The cardboard city. The so-called Cardboard City, a region close to Waterloo station, was located in London. From 1983 to 1998, more than 200 homeless people slept in cardboard boxes in the “cardboard city.” Now, the area is where the London IMAX film is being screened.

UK has the highest use of cardboard boxes

Every year the UK produces 5 billion cardboard printed boxes. This translates to astonishingly 83 boxes per person. That is A LOT of cardboard! Moreover, this number will only increase. By the next five years there will be an annual increase in cardboard packaging of more than four percent worldwide. 


In conclusion, cardboard boxes are all around you. You may not have realized how amazing cardboard is. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. With that it also plays a critical role in keeping our lives organized and effective. Additionally, it contributes to the preservation of our food’s freshness, safety, and flavor. Life has become much easier thanks to cardboard! 

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